Friday, January 23, 2015

Replacement For Lost BIR Taxpayer Identification Number Card #TINCard

This is my personal experience in getting a replacement for my lost BIR TIN card.

I got my first BIR TIN card when I am still working at SM-WATSONS Phils. Davao, but in the year 2005 I loss my wallet 5 days before my resignation takes effect. I immediately report it to our Human Resource Department, but since I am going out of the company, our Asst.Personnel passes a report regarding my problem to the BIR Head Office here in Davao. After a week, I receive a call from our personnel that I have to visit the BIR District Office and secure a duly notarized AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS.

I went to the BIR District Office(formerly located fronting Assumption Church, F.Torres, Davao City) there I was given a BIR FORM 1905 attached with the affidavit of loss and file it to Window 2. I've waited for almost an hour then someone approached me and extracted me to go at the back of the bldg. and get my temporary ID in a sheet of a paper. Since I'm not already working and I'm not in a hurry to get my TIN ID CARD, I went home. 

But in a while, if I have the chance to pass by the BIR office, I always ask the in-charge if my ID is already ready and this is the reasons I've always heard from them, "THE MACHINE IS OUT OF ORDER", "THE IN-CHARGE OF THE ID IS OFF DUTY","THE IN-CHARGE IS ABSENT", "IN THE PROCESS" etc... Honestly, I got tired with their reasons and I don't bother to go back and get my card again.

Many years have passed or should I say exactly 10 years now, I met a friend who has a friend who is working at the BIR Office and I finally remember my TIN ID CARD. And this is true, I will not disclose my friends' name but this is actually true. 

She told me that she has a friend connected with the BIR and she can help me regarding my problem, but I have to pay PHp300 for that. And because I need another ID for my BANK RENEWAL REQUIREMENT, I grab the said opportunity.

And by the next day.


Just my say, I know that my friend's friend is just helping, but asking for an amount of PHp300 to process a REPLACEMENT for a Lost BIR TIN Card or a Damaged TIN Card is too much, as I know you only have to pay PHP100-150 for a replacement/damaged card.

I admit I make a wrong move here, as I've said I grab it because I needed the card badly. I don't have a choice, because I know same tune of music I will be hearing if I will visit BIR Office again.

Nevertheless, I already have my card and I am happy to have it. Though I am thankful now that I get my LONG LOST REPLACEMENT for my BIR TIN CARD, I am just wondering how about the others who have the same problem like me. Do they need to wait for a friend who has a friend working at the BIR just to get their ID Replacement? Do they need to pay PHp300 in order to get the said card?

For those who want to apply for a Taxpayer Identification Number, visit here >>>> TIN 

To check the address and contact numbers of Regional Offices visit here >>> RO

For the Revenue District Offices, visit here >>>> RDO

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Pope Francis: The Pope With Unlimited Smile #PopeinPH

The road distance between Davao City to Manila is approximately 1280 kilometers,  but if you ask about the flight distance its about 958 kilometers, regardless how far our place, Davao City still celebrates and welcome Pope Francis with gladness and with a big smile while watching the LIVE telecast of the local channels.

Like with the other families, our family is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Pope. Though we're not physically present I can feel the Holiness of the so called a MAN OF MANY FIRSTS

I came nearer to the TV to have a good look and at the same time a shot of a picture using my mobile, silly indeed, but this is my way of joining the crowd as they joyfully waiting for Pope Francis.

As the plane about to land, you can hear children dancing and singing and crowds cheering "VIVA EL PAPA" and "BIENVENIDO PAPA FRANCISCO". 

The landing was even more exciting when it was being shown on multiple TV stations, many people watched the landing with high HOPES and SPIRIT.

The plane landed safely at Villamor Airbase, and there was something that touches us all, my family feels the excitement and I guess we were touched by an angel especially when we saw Papa Francisco having a peek at the window.

Honestly, I am not a religious person but I believed in God the Father, God the Son and God of the Holy Spirit. But it doesn't mean I hate RELIGION. I believe in religion, it unify people not to divide them. But seeing this man, so holy and you can feel his spiritual power, an aura that tell us all..."I am the SUCCESSOR TO SAINT PETER." To whom Jesus gave the keys of heaven and the powers of "binding and loosing".  Naming him as the ROCK upon which the church builds, it strengthened my FAITH and BELIEVE in God.


His smiles truly contagious, a smile that inspires, uplift and heals wounded heart and souls. 

And I affirm that smiling is a shared Universal Language. Nothing quite like a SMILE OF POPE FRANCIS it uplift your day and everyone around him smiles back with a spiritually uplifted souls. He is not tired of giving his smile to all the people waving and shouting his name every time the Pope Mobile drives along the road. Though the vehicle is too far away for the people to reach him, and the car drives so fast, he passes quickly. And we, watching TV at home hardly see what's going on, all I see is his unlimited SMILES and the waving of his hand or so I say the blessing and prayer he gives to the people he sees. And a loud scream, a noise become louder and louder as he approaches and even the news reporters cannot hear what they're talking about.

The long wait is a bit hiatus as people leaves their places and as we at home try to relax from shouting. Yes, we shout and we cry for JOY. Papa Francisco really touches our life's, he has a wonderful, gentle aura which is very compelling. And a smile that magnified a million times, part of it have a great impact with his looks. He is a gorgeous man with a white cassock combine with his great SMILE, and a good and kindhearted man that really shines out with his character, what a dazzling combination.


As what Pope Francis says in one of his liturgy, "those who strive to bring people together, to hold each other with MERCY and COMPASSION, who care about the feelings and opinions of others, are those who make this world a better place". A simple message which call for UNITY and PEACE.


*Photo taken from my mobile screenshot via Cignal TV Channel 99   

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

DIY - My Blogging Planner 2015 by the HAND MADE HOME and WIFE.MOTHER.TEACHER

I start making my own Blogger Planner last 2013 (CLICK HERE). And I found out that to have a planner is making yourself organize and everything you do, having a better time management by monitoring all the activities you have for that day and you will have in the days to come. My 2013 Blogger Planner is a personal bound book, very simple and what's inside is all about Bloggers Activities, like keeping your writing ideas and blog topics and titles. So the next year 2014, I searched for a planner that works for me and I found the site of the Blogging Garden.  The planner is still all about Bloggers Activities added with the Blog Finances(CLICK HERE), though I love the idea of this planner, but the pages were not exactly what I needed.

As a single-working mom, I have to include also my children not just my blogging and finances but also my children's school schedules and activities.

For this year 2015 I have come across with these two sites HAND MADE HOME and the WIFE.MOTHER.TEACHER. Both are excellent for this year Blogger Planner because they all have what I needed.

I followed Hand Made Home ideas to make a Blog Planner out of an old binder use in school. In my case, I still have my unused college book binder so it is not so hard for me to make a DIY Book Binder.

Download the Hand Made Home and Wife.Mother.Teacher BLOGGER'S PLANNER printables for FREE.

What you need:

Wall Paper/Gift Wrapper
Invisible Tape

This time, I am using invisible tape called ARMAK.

I used invisible tape now to make my planner neat and clean, though it appears frosty on the roll but invisible on paper.

See sample here:

You cannot easily distinguish that there is a tape used.

Materials needed are all in, let's proceed to my DIY Blogger Planner step-by-step procedures.

(1)Cover the unused book binder. Since it is already old, I have to cover it with a wall paper(or you can use gift wrapper).

(2)I separate and segregate the pages. I used Wife.Mother.Teacher printables as my first page, the likes of the cover page, 2015 Bucket List and Notes. Followed by Hand Made Home Monthly Calendars.

I like that my BUCKET LIST is on the front page of the planner so that I will know what are the things that are already DONE and things that needed to be added.

Though some of the pages from Wife.Mother.Teacher printables are not here because it is not needed in my planner's list like the list of Holidays(not applicable in the Philippines).

You can see here that my blog planner is divided into sections. I have my Weekly/Daily tracker of Blogging, Exercising, To Do List, Shopping List, Meal Plan, Appointments >>> these where I list my schedules and activities of my children in their school like meetings and seminars, list of important sites that I owned (keep my user name and passwords), list of post topic, etc.

At the later part of each page I used the Hand Made Home printable's wherein I can put my SUMMARY OF FINANCES, CLEANING SCHEDULE, LIST MY IDEAS AND INSPIRATION and LESSON PLANNER located at the SUBJECT & SUMMARY page.

Staying on track with your children's activities is what I love to do, exercising throughout the day, schedules from playtime to studying and recording the list of subjects needed for review.

I love my 2015 Blogger Planner, it's not just a Blog Planner but also a JOURNAL of all my activities and my children's activities at the same time. 

Different features easy to download, visit the sites stated above and make you own Blogger Planner now for FREE! 

By the way, here are my previous planners from last year, together with my 2015 Planner:

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Monday, January 05, 2015

Blog Topics To Write About This 2015

Don't know what to blog about this 2015? Well, we are all in the stage of having that exhausted feeling from the Holidays. Feeling tired at all and you don't have that strength to think a nice title for your blog post or topic to discuss at all, but it is good to know that there is a site that willing to share and think of a nice blog title and idea for us.

A HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. And aside from that they help bloggers and writers to make a BLOG TITLE and IDEAS through their tool, the HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator.

How? You can see at their site a BLANK BOX. Fill in the fields (preferably nouns) that you like to WRITE ABOUT. And they will generate a week's worth relevant blog post title in a matter of seconds.

For example: I think about a common noun word "AIRLINE".

You can think of another noun words, it's up to you. But here in my example, I only use "AIRLINE". And click GIVE ME BLOG TOPICS!

Here's the result:

You have to choose which fits your idea, though their algorithm is not that perfect, as written in their disclaimer post, you can tweak the title to be more relevant to your terms and grammatically correct.

Do subscribe for a year's worth of ideas now.  Fill out the form HERE to get more topics.


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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

No Firecrackers But We Have Davao Torotot Festival

For almost 14 years, Davao City celebrated Christmas and New Year without firecrackers explosions, it was implemented here in our city last Christmas of 2001 and New Year of 2002. The City Ordinance of banning firecrackers was actually passed only in late 2002 and indeed it was a SILENT NIGHT Christmas 2001 and so was New Year 2002. Since then, our city has recorded zero injury and death from FIRECRACKERS BLAST and STRAY BULLETS.

The banning of Firecrackers is not only during Christmas and New Year but all year round, applies also with the celebration of the Chinese New Year and the Muslims Eid'l Ftr or the end of Ramadan.

And because firecrackers was a BIG NO here in Davao City, SMART COMMUNICATION together with the City Government of Davao joined hand-in-hand to organize a BIG GATHERING of party blowers using the traditional way, the 'TOROTOT'(party horns) in order to make Davao City New Year full of fun, enjoyment and noise blast!


Our Torotot last year

Started last year of 2013 as we welcome 2014, though the record was not surpassed for the Guinness Book of Records for the largest gathering of party blowers, this time we will do it again and we hope we will make it!

Torotot Festival will begin with a parade today at 2PM.

Program start at 5PM at Roxas Avenue, Freedom Park fronting Ateneo de Davao University.

Be part again with our very own Davao Torotot Festival history.  No need to worry about the 'Torotot' (party horns), our City Government will provide it for FREE!

We have been blessed celebrating the true meaning of Christmas in a quiet way and New Years too, and we become an envy of other cities. The people of Davao City are so thankful with the ordinance our City Mayor Rody Duterte seriously implemented.   

And I'm so proud with my city and it's become something I used to experience... NO FIRECRACKERS (pollution). NO SOUND OF A GUN SHOTS. Celebrating it peacefully, only hearing the sounds of joyous caroling outside our house, sounds of people singing with a videoke, cars and bikes with used cans at the back of it roaming around back and forth the city making too much noise and most of all the blowing of horns, these are the true sounds of making us feel how special this season is truly SAFE and BLESSED indeed!



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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Things To Do When You Are Home Alone This Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is here.  You can hear it through songs, movies, stories or with everyone telling you that this is the season to be with families, friends and relatives or with our love one's but finding yourself being alone is another story.  This is the hardest part celebrating Christmas season being HOME ALONE.

Remember the movie of an 8 year old boy accidentally left behind by his families during Christmas?

Kevin McCallister played by Macauley Culkin was left home all alone. Being home alone was FUN for Kevin especially when he discovers there are burglars about to rob their house on Christmas eve. A family comedy movie that loved by everyone!

But in reality, how if you find facing yourself Christmas alone because someone is missing from the celebration, if one of a family member is gone or its sick, or if you find yourself BANKRUPT and/or
no money at all? Can we still celebrate Christmas in spite of the worries?

"I must find a way to keep Christmas from coming!" oh no be realistic JEAN!!!  Christmas is coming with or without our permission, so stick with it!

Rearranging Christmas plan is so difficult, especially if you have that TRADITIONAL PLANS during Christmas but need to change because of the circumstances that need to attend, some that are mandatory.

Spending Christmas alone is not the end of the world, be creative and enjoy it...if Kevin made his Christmas eve as twice the can make it too!

First of all don't feel SORRY about YOURSELF. This can spoil your season, think positive and remember the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS.

photo credit: `James Wheeler via photopin cc

Make yourself busy. Decorate your house with lavishly merry and bright Christmas decors. Put some lights around the house, so that you can SHARE it to everyone.

photo credit: hownowdesign via photopin cc

Another thing to enjoy being alone is to make DIY Christmas decors. Even if you are in a hotel alone, you can make yourself Christmas decors just to make the mood so joyous.

In my case, if I feel being alone I love to sing and listening to Christmas music alleviate the mood and help you feel great! The advantage of being alone is that you can sing as loud as you can, and no feeling of embarrassment.

photo credit: DavidDMuir via photopin cc

And while listening to Christmas song you can send Christmas greeting cards as many as you can. You feel that you are not ALONE at all, this will help you SHARE CHRISTMAS with others. And as long you send them greeting cards, some may answer your greetings this means that they are some others thinking of you this season.

photo credit: amanky via photopin cc

Buy yourself some gifts. Oh well, this is my fave part! Why not treat ourselves at Christmas. Pampering and indulging ourselves with a lot of treats that only happen once in a lifetime.

Planning a Christmas meal. Celebrating alone you can serve your very own favorite food. And if you have more food, you can bring that to church and give it to the poor, that way you can spend Christmas time with others.  This is where you can reflect more and discover the real meaning of Christmas.

There so many ways to enjoy being HOME ALONE this Christmas, you can go for a walk and enjoy the magical way of NATURE or you can be a VOLUNTEER at a CHURCH or in a Hospital.  It is up to you how you handle your life being alone in another perspective.

Just always remember---YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT and NEVER WASTE IT!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Be Aware: The Dirty Tricks of Discounts and Sales

Two weeks before Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and are you ready to catch the nice gift with a GREAT BIG BANG of SURPRISES?

As we all know that Christmas here in the Philippines becomes commercialized.  Malls, Department Stores and supermarkets have already downsized and discounting more than the usual price just to lure shoppers.

                photo credit: AdamCohn via photopin cc

Shoppers head out and in search with the most lesser discounts this week, and after Christmas expect that there will be a lot of items to be sale in a lower
price for a "CLEARANCE SALE".

Stores will be pulling out the stocks and display it on a deep discount, the only aimed is to draw lots of customers to come and see what's in store for them. But did you know that is their strategy, to lure customers with the lower price?  In many cases, Retail Industry veterans acknowledge that kind of a marketing strategy, those bargains are carefully engineered, just merely illusion.

ILLUSION, to the point you will realize that you really don't get the said "SAVINGS" but get the exact "PRICE" of the item.

How do I know all that?  For almost five years working in a big and known MALL here in our country, I know the common routine when we talk about retailing, selling, and discounting.

To let you understand more about what I am saying, here's how it works: The retailers stock up on goods and then mark down the one that don't sell. But the real deal here is that when the BIG RETAILERS work backward with their suppliers to set a STARTING PRICE that after all the markdowns, they will yield the profit margins they want.

 photo credit: counting chest bullets via photopin cc

This might sound a bit confusing but I really want you to know the dirty tricks discounts and sales giving us as consumers.

Another example: If the supplier sells a BRANDED BLOUSE to a retailer for PHp652.50, the suggested retail price will be PHp2,250, which gives a retailer a mark up price of 70%. Even if they make it lower and mark down the price to PHp2,024.55 and have a bulk sell for a final discount price of PHp989.55, the retailer still produce an average unit retail price of PHp1,260 it still give a store more or less 45% gross margin on the product.  

photo credit: ToGa Wanderings via photopin cc

After Christmas there will be a Year-End or a CLEARANCE SALE and I know everyone is eager to buy good deals and end up into a PURCHASE DISASTER.

When buying BE A SMART SHOPPER never confuse yourself with a DISCOUNT and a SALE. Always get the GOOD DEALS.

What are considered as GOOD DEALS?

  1. OVERSTOCK ITEMS - When we say overstocks they are not the one that don't sell.  They are overstock because they are the excess order from the supplier made by the retailer.  So they need to CLEAR UP their SHOPPING SHELF SPACE for new stock. They are still NEW and in SEALED BOXES. Not opened, returned or used.
  2. SOON-TO-BE-CLEARANCE ITEMS - This is were the consumer benefit.  This is where the retailer misquoted the item in a wrong price. Just for example:  CELLPHONE, GADGETS, or any OLD DISPLAY MODELS the retailer get many stocks of a brand of a mobile not knowing that by next month another new model of cellphone will be introduced in the market. Over order stock on the old model so they will mark down the PRICE in order to sell the newer model when it arrives.
  3. GIFTS RETURN/EXCHANGES - this is not more implemented here in the Philippines, but with the store that I once work with, we do follow DTI policy strictly, we "RETURN and EXCHANGE" items within 7 days with the receipt. That items will be good as brand new and/or sometimes we declare it as sold for CLEARANCE purposes and give a proper discount price for a return item.    

Like me, I am a mother of two and I want to save money just to fit my budget. Though it sound crazy but every time I hear promotion like a SALE or a DISCOUNT I don't get tempted.

I am sharing here a video that applies to all my friends running a business of their own. Entitled: 

"Discounting is for dummies - here's why (and what to do instead)"

Well here you have it, some of the dirty tricks and secrets reveal. My only advice here is to enjoy Christmas Holiday and onward, have fun and eat a hearty meal with your loveones. Don't be so voracious to jump in a whole wide sale without taking a BIG CLOSER look at a potential item!

Merry Christmas to all !!!!!


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kinderfeets Giveaway

A great present gift idea for this Christmas season.

If there is one thing that kids love, it's Christmas and this year is no exception to receive a gift like this, KinderFeets Chalkboard Bike. 

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A disclaimer: Non of the participating bloggers is responsible for the prize. Prize will be fulfilled by Neater Feeder. This giveaway is not related to any social media page.

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Monday, December 01, 2014

Federalism in the Philippines

Leaders from different local government agencies, NGO's and private sectors attended the FEDERALISM SUMMIT today, December 1, held at Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City.

The event was dubbed as, "MINDANAWONS FORGING UNITY TOWARD A FEDERAL SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT", sounds a bit ambitious but this is what they want to push as an alternative form of government that will help EMERGE and URGE Mindanao political, social, and economic development and to BOOST lasting positive changes in the lives of the Mindanao people and not just Mindanao but also the whole country that will create more positive outcomes in employment and empower.

Everyone is asking about what will happen to Davao City if FEDERALISM push throughFirst let us define, WHAT IS FEDERALISM?

FEDERALISM- a system of government in which a written constitution divides power between a central government and regional or sub-divisional government.

I think Davao City will be called a City State of Davao from the United States of the Philippines? Oh well, just my opinion not sure about the so called Federalism.  All I know is that Federalism will help solve the problem of Mindanao, as I heard from the radio commentator while listening what happened on the summit, he clearly relates that "65% of the so called Mindanao tax income are given to the National Government, and only 12% are returned", what a sad scenario.

Mindanao is known to be the BASKET CAPITAL of the PHILIPPINES  if not given enough care and attention our government will face a starving Philippines. Why I have said that?  Because base on what I see and read, Philippine Politics is compose of a bunch of corrupt people, they are just looking for their own welfare, performing immoral or illegal practices for personal gain and take note without an "APOLOGY", they always DENY and DENY and DENY!

I will not elaborate it, but you know what I mean about the CORRUPT POLITICIAN and this is not new to you and I am pretty sure, you are also tired hearing this.

Going back to the Summit, it is a SUMMIT and you read it right.  This is not campaigning for our Mayor to run for the PRESIDENCY.  NO!  A big NO NO NO.

I am favored for the creation of a strong FEDERAL GOVERNMENT but not to urge my Mayor to run for the highest position.  I respect his statement that, "HE WILL RETIRE and NOT RUN for a HIGHER POST in 2016"

Let's face it, Mayor Duterte is sick and for me I want him to retire with a GOOD NAME with a GOOD LEGACY. The fact that if he enter in a higher post there are so many things to consider, though some of them are POSITIVE but most of it will be NEGATIVE.

Though I am not closing my door, if Mayor says, he will not run - I will not oppose it! And if Mayor change his mind and decide to run - I will respect & support him! 

All I want is to have a leader. A GOOD LEADER to lead us for a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, someone who has a strong will to govern Federal Philippines. ~ JUST MY SAY. 

What will be the right Federal Government for the Philippines?

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Get Glued Giveaway


Get Glued Giveaway

Prize: 1 bottle of Glue by Rusk

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