Thursday, October 30, 2014

TSU: The Modern And Latest Social Network That Gives You Revenue

Tired of posting, sharing, liking, commenting and doing things using FACEBOOK and TWITTER without gaining anything? Actually, there is already a social media site that gives revenue in every original post you do, by liking, and commenting and that is BUBBLEWS. Been here for almost 4 years now and I am grateful to be a member of this site.  

And now it is nice to know that there is a modern and latest social network that gives you revenue and that is 'tsu'.

Why not try tsu, a free network that gives the SOCIAL REVENUES back to you!

I'm certain you feel SICK of Facebook and Twitter the likes of selling out its users and exploiting people who originally create the content that makes them rich. Oh well, if you feel that way we are on the same sentiments.

Tsu is the right place for you to earn and at the same time socialize. There aim is to REWARD its users and own their works.

Everyone is free to join by posting and sharing their thoughts, write original articles, share owned photos/images and with that you will be REWARDED. Got it? If not here's a video that will give you idea about The PHILOSOPHY of TSU.

The problem is that you create social content but you get NOTHING. Isn't it so unfair that these social medias USE you? Get your CONTENT and your AUDIENCE that you should OWN IT!

What is the different with TSU compared to the others?

  1. REMOVING ourselves for SIGN-UP process.
  2. Everyone who are already members with TSU has its own MEMBER CODE, this code will be use in order to become a member too.



By the way tsu is pronounced as 'sue' 

It is very easy to get familiarize with 'Tsu' because its format looks like FACEBOOK.

How to make a great post to boost your ratings.  I will give you a sample here:

Here I post my article from one of my site, the system will automatically post the desired photos from your site and you don't have nothing to worry uploading images, and if you don't like the image you can click the X to remove and move the cursor to your best image.

Another thing that I like about this site is that you can SHARE your site and other social medias.

I know that you are eager to see the analytic side of it. By the way, I only joined yesterday, so expect that I don't have that earnings yet.  But I want to share what I've discovered from the site.

See my PROGRESS? Here it will tell you how many 'tsu' members VIEW your profile, LIKE any of your post and give COMMENTS. You will also see how many FOLLOWERS and FRIENDS you have in your FAMILY TREE.

FAMILY TREE?  What is that? One of the things that you can EARN more REVENUES is to have a BIG NETWORKING FAMILY TREE.

The more you invite, the more chances of GAINING. Once you CLICK MY CODE you are included to my FAMILY TREE basically you are my downline. 

This is not a NETWORKING wherein you are going to sell anything or any products online.

THE Tsu ALGORITHM (taken from Tsu FAQ

Accept Tsu peer-to-peer payments.  What is this?

If you want to to receive any revenue from Tsu, you have to go to your settings, select PRIVACY and CHECK "Accept tsu peer-to-peer payments".

The question here now, if we can get money from Tsu. Let's see because the site is less than a week old. And I am new here also, it's early to tell.

At this stage this site is good.  I love the platform use, very fast, good to the eyes and easy to use.

Nothing to worry because patience is a virtue, right? We will wait for the positive and negative scenario. For now, I love posting my site links here.  This is another opportunity for me as a blogger to SHARE my articles in order to gain views.

*Don't forget to add my CODE:

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas here in the Philippines start on the first "ber" month.  Yes, that's true! Our's is the longest celebration of the nativity of Jesus Christ here on earth. You will see lights with different colors, Christmas caroling and Christmas carols on the radio stimulate the air, it constantly fill with foods and drinks for occasion and apparels for sale for a BIG discount.

MANA Davao 2012

You will see neighbors and even strangers greet MERRY CHRISTMAS sincerely with a SMILE. Seniors too, received gifts from their loved ones from a faraway places.

It is said that the joy of Christmas is for children.

This is the month wherein children are dress in their best clothes and shoes for Christmas party in school, time to visit and show respect of their grandparents, godfather, godmother and relatives and received traditional gifts like toys and money.

The most colorful and happiest day in the year. But we don't forget the important practice we have here in the Philippines, the art of SHARING and GIVING during CHRISTMAS SEASON.  

As they say, this is the best way to express BY GIVING more than RECEIVING. 

Last year our country experience a great sadness due to TYPHOON YOLANDA struck with great fury and left a trail of devastation. But our country manages to rise up and still celebrates Christmas in simple way. 
Traditionally we do have parties, a lot of food prepared and lot of money spent for gifts but instead we send what we have saved to support people who have been affected by the typhoon. 

The whole Philippines celebrate Christmas in a quite way, we share our good and fortune to the people of Tacloban. 

Celebrating Christmas in the Philippines is also focusing with our spiritual preparation, in a way how we welcome our MESSIAH into our LIFE! How we manage our Christian spirit with GRATITUDE and TRUST to GOD who provides everything what we have.

photo credit: Waiting For The Word via photopin cc

The long celebration of Christmas in my country is not to waste money and be boastful with what you have in life, but to prepare your hearts for the whole period of the season. This will help creates a good and positive spirit as we prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Here is a video that I would like you to hear, sing and REFLECT. The song is entitled "Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo"(Thank You, You Are So Good To Us).

Merry Christmas Philippines!

You are blessed.
They are blessed.
Together we are blessed.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 Things You Don’t Know About WeChat

The use of mobile apps seems to dominate the Philippine mobile market today, and people are often mistaken that all apps are just the same like Video calls, Stickers, FREE SMS. You got it wrong.

Do you really know about WeChat? Here are the 10 things you don't know about WeChat.

Act like a spyB-)B-)B-)B-)B-)


WeChat Private Group you can act like a Sherlock Holmes, a spy wherein you can invite and add your friends to chat using your 4 digit password before they can see your top secret. 

The password is the KEY to join the PRIVATE GROUP.

Meet your Buddy/Partner.  :x:;);;)

By using the WeChat People Nearby, you will get the chance to meet your next BFF or even your partner in life. It has a TINDER like features that allows you to talk to people that are near your area.

We never know, your prince charming or your lady is just around the corner and you know what that means! 

Make A Moving Stickers.  :@)3:-O:(|)~:>

This is so nice because they have a moving stickers! Some apps use STATIC Stickers only.  

Now, that's more like it! You can even make yourself a sticker of your own face and turn it to a moving stickers, then upload your own GIF by uploading it to WeChat and you will have your own set of stickers. Cool!  Right?

Add up to 100 People at WeChat Group Chats.  :-B:-@:D/:-SS

The more the merrier. 

At WeChat you can add up to 100 people with your group chats. You can send PHOTOS, NAME CARD, use the WALKIE TALKIE Function, chat with each other and send personal stickers.

Christmas is fast approaching, thinking of organizing an event, gimiks or reunion with your classmates/batch mates stay up to date by using WeChat Group Chats.

Love More Freebies. @};-<:-P(*)

Who loves FREE LOAD and CINEMA TICKETS? Last month WeChat launched their FREE LOAD worth PHp15 load to all WeChat PH Users. And just this October they gave away a total of 1,500 CINEMA TICKETS worth PHp200 each.

And more FREEBIES to come!  Yepeeh!

First to launch "HOLD TO TALK"=D>:D^:)^

Before Whatsapp launch this kind of feature, WeChat already use this service for a long time in China.

What is "HOLD TO TALK"? 

This is something like a Walkie Talkie, for example:

We know girls are fond of going to a salon and have their nails done and their nail polish still wet and need to call their boyfriend or friends to pick them up. Hold To Talk is the answer.

Just push the button "HOLD TO TALK" and they will hear you immediately.

WeChat is created by the world renowned Internet Giant, Tencent. =D><:-P>:D<(*)

Considered to be one of the TOP FIVE INTERNET COMPANIES FIRM in the world, next to FACEBOOK ang GOOGLE.

A Combination of all Social Networking Sites and Chat Apps in the Market. :

Messenger + Social Network + Social Media = WeChat.

It has a Facebook like features(Moments & Official Account), TINDER(Friend Radar, Shake and People Nearby), SKYPE(High Resolution Video Calls, Whatsapp(Hold to Talk) to a name a few.

Get the picture now?  So, why download these all social networking sites/apps where you can have ONE to do all the job.

Available now on desktop=D>:))<:-P^:)^

Just log in to 

Scan the QR code and you can now use the WeChat App in the comfort of your desktop.

See video instructions here on how to use WeChat on the WEB:

You can attach big files such as WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT.

Sight Function. :-B=D>:D/

The new upgrade on their IOS (WeChat 6.0) you can now SHARE A SIGHT.

CAPTURE A SIGHT quickly by sliding down the Chats screen.

Make a QUICK 6-second video clip.  

All of this features from WeChat IOS can automatically share through Moments or Chats.

A great way to SHARE your experiences, activities and fun, that's so quick and entertaining!

WeChat envisions and innovates new ways for people to connect, communicate and most of all to SHARE. 

It is the world's fastest growing mobile social communication app design, with hundreds of millions smartphone users internationally. 

So what are you waiting for?  Try the newest way to communicate, share and win fabulous FREEBIES!

WeChat is available FREE for download:

You can also visit their FACEBOOK PAGE: 

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