Moments That Basically Sum Up My Kadayawan Festival Experience #Kadayawan2016 #KadayawansaDavao #DavaoDigitalInfluencers

In 1998, "APO DUWALING" was change to Kadayawan sa Dabaw from the word "DAYAW" (good) and "MADAYAW" (blissful), an expression of Dabawnon for anything that is good and excellent that brings great and abundant fortune. 

There are many reasons why Kadayawan Festival is getting more popular, that is because of the exciting activities and events organized by the Kadayawan Execom and by the help of its sponsors and benefactors.

Davao Digital Influencers Inc. a community of influencers, compose of bloggers, video bloggers, microbloggers and social media enthusiasts who are all based in Davao Region is one of the benefactors and the Social Media partner of Kadayawan 2016.

And as part of being the social media partner of the event, we are responsible in promoting Kadayawan 2016, using the most robust social platforms we can tap into like FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM to make the event more successful and meet its goal in promoting Davao socio-cultural activities such as Kadayawan Festival.

To start with,  is the KADAYAWAN 2016 TWITTER PARTY we have last July 30 held at McDonald Sta.Ana Branch. Wherein we share stories about Kadayawan Festival and connect with other Twitter users by following us using the hashtag(#) Kadayawan2016.

Photo credit to Escape Manila

It is our Group launching and at the same time the launching of McDonald's Chicken Fillet Italiana.

It was off to a good start!

Our week-long engagement as the social media partners of Kadayawan 2016 has just started and this is a great challenge to us all.

We only have a short preparation as a group. We had no other alternative except to prepare for a direct action, one was given a task and responsibility to make his/her duty in order to reach the goal of the group ---and that is to cooperate.

Morning of August 15. The DDI (Davao Digital Influencers) starts with a Kadayawn Pre-Opening Salvo.

A participation of both the influencers and other social media enthusiasts by commenting to each questions related to Kadayawan, same procedure with the twitter party that we have last month.

People's Park
August 15, 2016

  • Ecumenical Mass

Lumads, Muslims and Christians offer their prayers in unity for a wonderful Kadayawan celebration.

Photo Credit to City Government of Davao

Uniting them all together is just a perfect indication that we really go back with our roots with respect and with one common belief.

11 TRIBES. One City.

Davao City is the only city that celebrates festivals with the Lumads & Muslims, taking pride of their rich cultures and traditions & recognizing the 11 tribes and their deputy mayors to the political powers of Davao City.

source: @Kadayawan2016
  • Official Opening of Kadayawan 2016

A welcome address was delivered by Arturo "Art" Boncato Jr., former assistant secretary of the Department of Tourism and now the Co-Chairman of Kadayawan Execom.


And in behalf of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, a speech was given by the 3rd District Councilor Avegayle "Didoy" Dalodo-Ortiz Omalza, who formally opened the Kadayawan 2016 together with the 11 tribes representatives.

  • Tribuhanong Pasundayag

It is not included in my plan to witness the Tribuhanong Pasundayag or Cultural Show, but out of curiosity, I was there to watch the different showdown of chosen tribes (assigned for the 1st night program) and other contingents.

By the way, the Tribuhanong Pasundayag were divided into 4 nights program and it is not a competition but showcasing Tribal arts and entertainment .

I witness the richness of Lumad and Muslim culture and these are some of the photos I have taken.

HIYAS SA KADAYAWAN 2016 Coronation Night 
Davao City Recreation Center (Formerly Almendras GYM)
August 19, 2016

Photo credit to Escape Manila

This is my first time to cover Hiyas sa Kadayawan and I am excited to witness a pageant that focus on distinctive indigenous young lady that takes pride her own tribe with knowledge about her culture.

Inna Betil Garcia - Hiyas ng Kadayawan 2016

Bagobo K'lata

Rachel Caputol - Hiyas sa Ting-usbawan

Bagobo Tagabawa
Mosrifa Hadji Sohair - Hiyas sa Kauswagan

Photo credit to City Government of Davao

Marco Polo Area
Showcase Presentation

***More photos soon on my Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan post.

Paint Party
Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premier

These are the series of main events that basically sum up my Kadayawan Festival experiences for this year. Moments that I will cherish gently in my heart.

As Kadayawan was greatly admired as the Festivals of festivals, because this is the only festivals that celebrates many festivals in one. A celebration that unites the three aspects: TRIBAL, INDUSTRIAL, and ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT.  

PLDT Home Lead the 31st Kadayawan Festival #PLDTHOME #AtHOMEwithRegine #AtHOMEinDavao

A month-long celebration of gratitudes to all the Davaeños for making PLDT Home number 1.

Leading the digital and multimedia services PLDT HOME provides the biggest broadband sale started with a celebration through-out the city as they set-up PLDT HOME DSL booth during the grandeur Famtastic Sale with the best broadband deals, that includes the FREE INSTALLATION and WiFi modems.

PLDT HOME Products and Plan

As Mr. Gary Dujali, PLDT Vice President and Head for Marketing for PLDT Home and SmartBro, deliver his speech during the PLDT Thanksgiving Event held at the Marco Polo Hotel Davao, saying a big "THANK YOU" for making PLDT number one in the "Crown Jewel of Mindanao" - Metro Davao.

Mr. Gary Dujali
PLDT Vice President and Head for Marketing 
for PLDT Home and SmartBro

Making an emphasize with the PLDT HOME DSL's newest plan- the HOME and AWAY Bundle, where subscribers can now enjoy Home DSL's strongest connection even outside their homes by using the SmartBro 4g Pocket WiFi for as low as P299, P499 and P799.

*** This promo is available only to all new and existing PLDT HOME DSL subscribers who will avail of the Smart Bro plan on top of their DSL subscriptions during April 8- August 31, 2016.For Promo Mechanics please click  HERE

PLAN 299 

PLAN 499

PLAN 799 

We also get to learned about the SMART HOME devices powered by the PLDT HOME Fibr,  like home monitoring system Fam Cam; the powerful PC in a stick TVolution Stick which now comes with a free keyboard and a mouse; and the kid-friendly Smart Watch all best use with HOME Telpad. More HERE


A THANK YOU concert featuring the Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, PLDT Ambassadress, as part of her Regine Concert Series in promoting PLDT HOME held at SM City Davao where she delighted all the crowd with a world-class musical extravaganza under the helm of award-winning musical director Raul Mitra.

PLDT HITS Davao with a BLAST!

Not only PLDT Home bring the Asia's Songbird but also they bring together the two reigning Bb. Pilipinas, which I have the privilege to take selfie with them.

With Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2016 - Maxine Medina
and Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2016 - Jennifer Hammond

Thank you so much PLDT HOME and continue to lead the digital innovations and multimedia offerings, such as your true and superb services and products availability and to cater the whole Philippines as the fastest and reliable telecommunication company in the country.



Smart Bro Announce the Best Deal for iPad Mini 2 in Davao #SmartBroiPad #BestDealEver #Kadayawan2016

SmartBro, the country's leading mobile broadband under Smart Communications, has unveiled the best and most exclusive deal for iPad Mini 2, a way of saying 'DAGHANG SALAMAT' to all Davao SmartBro users, just in time for the Kadayawan Festival 2016 celebration.

A best deal that gathers the Davao Media, Bloggers and the Digital Influencers together during the Smart Bro Product launch held at Home Crest Residences.

Lead by Mr. Gary Dujali, the PLDT VP and Head of Marketing for PLDT Home and Smart Bro, who is very enthusiast to share the exciting good news to everyone.

Mr. Gary Dujali
PLDT Vice-President and Head of Marketing for PLDT Home and Smart Bro

And together with Ms. Jaja Jesalva, SMART head of Postpaid Broadband discuss the various data and gadget plans offered by SMART.

Ms. Jaja Jesalva
SMART Head of Postpaid Broadband 

Smart Bro is giving Davaoenos an offer,  the easiest and most affordable way to have your own iPad Mini 2 for only P599 per month which comes with a 1.7GB monthly data powered exclusively by SMART's fast and reliable LTE technology. This is just an additional P300 to the monthly service fee of SMART BRO PLAN 299. Plus a bonus that offers with free 1.1GB of video streaming on YouTube, iflix, Dailymotion and Vimeo for the first three months. 

Smart Bro's best iPad Mini 2 deal is part of the brand's ongoing Brokada road trip across the country with your favorite Smart Brokada celebrities, Ms. MJ Lastimosa - Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2014 and Michael Pangilinan - Singer.

Smart Brokada's celebrities together with Davao Digital Influencers 
The Brokada Road Trip went around the Philippines major cities and various school campuses such as in  Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu and Ilocos, and set to invade more cities nationwide and this time get ready Olongapo, Zamboanga, Bulacan and Iloilo!

For more info on how to avail the iPad Mini 2, please visit

PLDT HOME celebrates strongest connection with Regine Series LIVE in Davao #PressRelease #DavaoEvent #PLDTHome

Asia's Songbird is coming!

OPM icon and PLDT HOME Ambassador Regine Velasquez is coming to Davao to perform live via the widely popular Regine Concert Series powered by PLDT HOME, the musical extravaganza is a show of gratitude from the country’s number one digital and multimedia services provider for the massive support throughout the years.

The concert series, which was extended for a second year due to its unstoppable success, aims to help promote the titular Regine Telset Series—a set of limited edition landline phones available for only P99 per month—launched last year to great acclaim, with stocks running out fast as soon as it was made available to the public.


Its initial kickoff last April 10 at SM Bacoor in Cavite was followed by another full house gig at SM City Pampanga. From one jam-packed mall to another and in response to insistent public demand, the Regine Concert Series is finally on its way to the Queen City of the South on July 30 for its much-awaited VisMin debut.

The Regine Series includes an updated version of the classic
and well-loved PLDT landline unit.

The Cebu leg will feature a 10-piece band helmed by award-winning musical director Raul Mitra, with a special performance by Your Face Sounds Familiar first runner-up Michael Pangilinan.

PLDT VP and Home Marketing Head Gary Dujali with Regine Velasquez
 “The Regine Telsets, when bundled with PLDT HOME DSL, form the foundation of a digitally connected and smart home. PLDT HOME has been making it big in the hearts of Cebuano families, and we look forward to helping them forge the strongest connections with their families through powerful connections and world-class music.”said by PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali.

After Cebu, the Regine Concert Series will then be scheduled for a Davao stopover on August 6 at SM EcolandFans will be in for a free world-class musical treat as Regine performs her well-loved hits.

For more information on the Regine Telset Series, visit

Sun Made Brown Rice Partners with WapatDC for Fitness and Mindanao Tourism #DavaoMadeProducts #SunMadeBrownRice #MaketheHealthySwitch

SUN MADE BROWN RICE, one of the leading brown rice brands in the country, catering the growth health-conscious market produced and made by MANCOR. A proudly Filipino company based in Mindanao!

MANCOR short for Mindanao Agri-Network Corporation, was established in Davao City in 2001,  in a four hectare post-harvest facility located in a 70 kilometers south of the city.   

A partnership deal with WapatDC, a cycling group based in Mindanao, last July 30 at Hotel Vicente. In the line of SUN MADE advocacy to promote HEALTH, FITNESS and now to help BOOST Mindanao Tourism, as WapatDC explore Mindanao through biking.

SUN MADE is represented by Mr. Carlo Calma Lorenzana (middle) , the Vice-President of Mindanao Agri-Network Corp (MANCOR)
together with the WapatDC representative Mr. Reggie D. Reyes (right) and Mr. Mike Aportadera (left) 

That is why they decided to add WapatDC under Sun Made's wing as their perfect partner in promoting health, fitness and tourism in events and other forms of pop-up promotions.

Sun Made as the only producers that deliver straight to your grocery after each milling - FRESHNESS GUARANTEED!

Offering the best quality rice as an excellent source of FIBER, VITAMINS & MINERALS, and powerhouse packed with ANTI-OXIDANTS. It has three significant rules, that is:


Moreover, as Sun Made Brown Rice falls high in the quality scale, as it is one of the few brands that's mill-to-table fresh, fair trade and most of all, reasonably priced.

I've made my own rice, but I did not cook it on a rice cooker. I cook it in a traditional Filipino way by using wood charcoal. And this is the result, it taste like oats for me!

Just follow this procedure:

  1. Rinse rice thoroughly under running water and then remove any dirt or debris that you may find.
  2. Soak rice in water for at least 30 mins.
  3. Use two(2) cups of water for every one(1) cup of brown rice. In my case, I use wood charcoal, I added more half cup of water.
  4. If a much soften rice is desired, just increase the amount of water and for a firmer cooked rice, decreased amount of water and cook for about 45 minutes.
Refrigerate uncooked and cooked leftover brown rice to retain freshness. Just microwave it if you want to eat again.

Sun Made Brown Rice began in Davao City, exactly in Gaisano, NCCC and Park 'N Shop Supermarkets. Now it has rapidly expanded to Metro Manila and please to see more outlets to come in delivering health and wellness tourism in different parts of the Philippines.

Here are the list of the existing supermarkets selling Sun Made Brown Rice:

  • Rustan's Makati
  • Rustan's San Antonio
  • Rustan's Rockwell
  • Shopwise Alabang
  • Shopwise Araneta
  • Shopwise Antipolo
  • Shopwise Libis
  • Shopwise Vito Cruz
  • Shopwise Harrison Plaza
  • Shopwise Commonwealth
  • Shopwise Sucat

*** Buy this product and help small farmers get better income!

JCI Limitless Training during the 3rd Area Council Meeting #JCIArea5 #ACMthree #JCIDuwaling #IamLimitless

Limitless is a project of JCI Manila wherein it help trains and educate people all around the Philippines, to become better and responsible citizen  and spread positive change in each community. Read more here: JCI Manila

When JCI Duwaling President Yasmin Fabricante invite me to attend the training, without hesitation, I said "YES"! This will be the most powerful training/seminar I will be attending. Just looking at the assigned speakers Atty. Dino de Leon and Vincent Capistrano, both have strong knowledge regarding the topic assigned to them for discussion. At a young age they already acquired great skills and responsibility to become a good leader.

  • Atty. Dino de Leon is a 2012 DLSU World Debate Convener and a 2015 Philippine Bar Passer.
  • Vincent Capistrano an IT Manager at Infor and has a Master Degree of Business Administration(MBA) at University of the Philippines.

Royal Mandaya Hotel - Rajah Room
July 16, 2016

Went early morning and the JCI Duwaling members busy preparing for the registration. 

Because I am new and this is my first time to attend a training with the JCI, I'll wait outside while they are still preparing for the training room.

All are given training string bags and ID's.

That day there is also an activity that sponsored by SMART and JCI Duwaling, the Philippine Post Office people was there to assist the processing of the application for the New Improved POSTAL ID Capturing Day.

As soon as the room was ready, I was notified by one of the JCI Daba-Daba members and to look for a table to sit down.

Speakers are busy preparing their programs.

I was welcomed by the two speakers, despite of their busy tasks and was introduce with the other JCI members and new members(like me!) who are already at the training room.

Thanks guys!

As soon as the room was made into quorum, VP Karla Singson lead the JCI prayer/creed. Followed by a brief message and introduction of the speakers from Ms. Yasmin, JCI Duwaling President.

The training is about how to develop and gain excellent communication skills both oral and written and the performance on understanding human behavior and psychology.

8 Modules:

  1. Human Behavior
  3. 0 Degree NETWORKING
  4. Level 5 Leadership
  6. People Management
  7. Branding
  8. Gratitude

Well, I affirm that I am not a good speaker --- I talk slowly and don't use the best words or I have that PUBLIC SPEAKING FEAR (The Speech Anxiety). I don't have stage fright,  I am just afraid to commit mistakes.

Building confidence. This is what I really need, confidence is not something that can be learned by setting rules and programs. Not a plan that we need to have a step-by-step procedures. That confidence is a mind stating - have a positive thinking, practice, be trained, acquire knowledge and be with people who have strong sense to work with and love to talk as well in order to improve and/or boost confidence level.

Photo credit Roxelle Francisco Minoza

Anyway, I really have a great time to be part of JCI Duwaling LIMITLESS Training, aside from learning and gaining knowledge I also gain more friends!

And very honor to meet the JCI National President, Mr. Steve Allen Tycangco.

TaxiLink Davao: The new on-demand taxi-booking app in Davao City is Here! #TaxilinkDavao #FreeTaxiRide #DavaoCity #DavaoLifeisHere

Last May 26, 2016,  I attended the media event of the first ever homegrown taxiapp in Davao, the TAXILINK.

The new on-demand taxi-booking app in Davao City.

As a continuation of the taxiapp launching, a press conference was held today, July 22, 2016 at Cafe Demitasse.

The whole team was present to address the media and bloggers about the Taxilink release at Google Play Store, on how to DOWNLOAD, REGISTER and use the app step-by-step using your own mobile and the mechanics to avail the FREE RIDE on the Featured TaxiLink Cab.

Next week will be the release for the iOS users.

FREE TAXI RIDES within Davao City!

The ride is for FREE only if you get the chance to BOOK the Featured Cab posted above. Enjoy the FREE RIDE Promo starting today, July 22 to October 22, 2016. From 6am to 10pm. One transaction to Point A to Point B, no limit of hours but within Davao City proper only.

But for the non-featured taxi but uses the TAXILINK APP you may pay the TAXI REGULAR RATES.


The advantage of this App compared to the other Taxi App is that TAXILINK is an added service for Rahao taxi fleet, they owned the app and the taxis at the same time.

Had my personal experience using the DRIVER TEST.

Some of the TaxiLink Features
The App is still on a Beta phase, so any problem using the app please don't hesitate to submit any suggestions via or visit their Facebook Page at TAXILINK DAVAO.