30th Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival Schedule of Events as of July 2015

This is the updated schedule of events for this coming August 17-23 Kadayawan sa Davao 2015.

Get ready and prepare yourself for the celebration of life, thanksgiving for the gift of nature, wealth of culture, the bounties harvest and serenity of LIFE here in DAVAO. The mix cultures that we have together with our LUMADS throughout MINDANAO which we are also taking pride the rich culture and heritage.

****Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

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How Pluto Got Its Name #Pluto

When you think about Pluto, you probably think of a character from a Disney Animation Movie together with Mickey, Donald and Goofy. 

The Sun

Well, that's the first impression we can think about Pluto.

Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, as a planet way back 1930 included in our Solar System.

(C) Clyde Tombaugh PH.D

But on August 24, 2006 so much of discussions and long-running debate it was revoked of its planetary status. Pluto was reclassified from a planet to a dwarf planet.

Who named PLUTO then? Is it named after a Greek or Roman god? Is it really from Walt Disney Cartoon Character?

The name PLUTO came from a whim suggestion of a 12 year old girl during breakfast. Her name is VENETIA BURNEY.

Venetia Burney, as a young girl

A British girl who had unusual or unexplained suggestion of name shortly after the planet was discovered in February 18, 1930.

I was having breakfast with my mother and grandfather. And my grandfather read out at breakfast the great news and said he wondered what it would be called. And for some reason, I after a short pause, said, "Why not call it Pluto?" I did know, I was familiar with Greek and Roman legends from various children's books that I had read, and of course I did know about the solar system and the names the other planets have. And so I suppose I just thought that this was a name that hadn't been used. ~Venetia Burney speech during the launching of probe at NASA in 2006. 

On April 30, 2009, Burney died at age 90, in Banstead in Surrey, she had never got the chance to see the NEW HORIZON probe make the first ever fly-by and the shot of Pluto then.

NEW HORIZON and the planet
(C) The Sun

PLUTO become the official name and unanimously won it during a vote.

After the discovery, Clyde Tombaugh and his other colleagues at Arizona's Lowell Observatory didn't have a name in mind. So they ask for a name suggestion by posting it on a Newspaper.

Headline announcing the new planet and yet to be named
(C) Write Science

Received dozens of answers from all over the world---including Pluto. In May 26,1930, with the series of discussions by the astronomers from the suggested names like PLUTO, MINERVA and CRONUS, Roger Lowell Putnam, trustee of the observatory, announced that PLUTO had unanimously won.


Their first choice is MINERVA,the goddess of wisdom, if her name had not for so many years been borne by an asteroid.

CRONUS, is the son of Uranus and the father of Neptune, this would be appropriate name for the planet.

While PLUTO, the god of regions of darkness where planet X holds sway. But what made PLUTO got it's name, because it began with letter P and L. An homage to Percival Lowell, the founder of the observatory and the originator of the search for Pluto.

Percival Lowell

Now after New Horizon Probe launched in January 2006 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, finally it arrives at Pluto after 9 years of waiting. With all the excitement, people are asking to lift and reinstated Pluto as a full planet.

A day of Incredible pride to all the hardworking NASA People and the whole world as well.

Video by VOX

With all the fuss and excitement with its popularity, there is sadness knowing that the one who named this planet can no longer see and knew PLUTO well.

Such as like this, that Pluto has mountains made of ice that are as high as those in the Rockies.


Project BRO(BSP Reaches Out): A Savings Campaign Program for Kids and Teens #NationalSavings #BSPCoinBank

When BSP-BMAP started a program last August 2011 "KIDDIE ACCOUNT PROGRAM", wherein school children are encouraged to open accounts with initial deposit of P100 and below at any of the banks under BMAP(Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines), I was thankful and very grateful knowing that they give information and encourage our children on how important is the word "SAVING" is.

For this year 2015, BSP launches another advocacy called "PROJECT BRO or Bsp Reaches Out" that encourage our kids and teens to save more money for their future, a project of Financial Consumer Protection Department(FCPD) in partnership with BMAP sponsored by BPI, DBP, China Bank Savings, Security Bank, UCPB, RCBC Savings Bank, Veterans Bank, BDO, EastWest, LandBank, MetroBank, PSBank, and Philippine National Bank.

A campaign that developed by the BSP's FCPD that engage students from Grade 1 to Grade 10(public and private schools) across the country, fulfilling their fun-filled activities by adding more interactive talk on how to value money and to spend it wisely and by opening a bank account.

Last July 6 here in Davao City, they started distributing it at my daughters school at the Davao City National High School.


What I like about this campaign now, is that they give a detailed progress information, a simple yet very easy to understand by the Kids and the Teens. And I agree, it's really a fun way idea in valuing money and on how to save.

Using the Ruler Peso Saving Guide, our children can monitor their own saving progress.

And last July 7, my daughter started saving P5 and she will do it every day.

I am excited for the result, for I believe that my daughter can do it without a failure in putting P5 in her coin bank. I told her,
if she saves money, she can also afford to invest for at least a year or two in the near future.

Those who began saving during childhood display better attitudes toward savings than those who did not

A motivation for her to practice a sort of a financial education, teaching our children the importance of money in life.

Thank you so much Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Read more here: Money Matters for Kids(MMK)

BINDER: Weird App for Break Ups #Wellpark #BinderApp #Binder

If you're familiar with TINDER and Match.com where you can easily find your partner for dating and love, now there's a new app that work opposite.

BINDER is a cloud service which makes breaking up with your other half is so easy.

*CLOUD SERVICE means any resource that is provided over the internet. 


(1) USERS, will give the gender of their significant partners. And by adding their name and phone numbers.

(2) You have to put the reason why you want to end your relationship. And as soon your done, swipe right and BINDER will take care of the rest.

Some of the reasons are quite abrupt. So rude to share with your significant other, like:
  1. "it's better to have loved and lost....
  2. "Get Lost"
  3. "if you were the last person on earth, I send this..."
  4. "our relationship is as patchy as your beard.."

And if your S.O(Significant Other) cannot accept this kind of a message, USERS can select BREAK-UP VOICE MESSAGE of a Scottish man singing this line, "Your boyfriend does not like you anymore, he hates your face, he thinks you're a bore. In fact, he is sick in his mouth whenever he sees you around." 

By the way, BINDER is created by a Scottish beer company called TENNENT'S, they are the one responsible of promoting the app in the social media channels.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. For me, it is inappropriate to break up with our S.O like this, like leaving them hanging without settling issues.
  2. I still believe in a traditional break ups, that letting them know first before everyone else does.
  3. Breaking up like this, is a terrible idea. It is still better to meet in person and in private. And if your S.O is living far from you, it's better to call and talk with him/her alone.
  4. Give a frank conversation. Yes, it is painful but this will last a minute, hours, days or months. And by year, you can move on and forget the painful words that he/she said.
  5. Still say nice words in breaking up. Words that you need to say, why are you going out from the relationship. For me, this line is much more acceptable than the reasons given above: "I'm sorry it's comes to this, but I'm unhappy with our relationship and I don't want to drag it out."
  6. And don't ever discuss BLAME, whose fault why the relationship is not working. The best thing is to end it with mutual acceptance without pointing finger at each other.
  7. I know, it is hard to end relationship. But it is more coward to hide it by giving them a message of a BREAK UP.

BINDER APP is a nice app, for those cannot say it face to face. Maybe because they are avoiding long awkward break-up conversation.

You can download BINDER from App Store and Google Play.

Here are some reviews about BINDER:

SCREENSHOT GRAB from Google Play

*I used 3 Android smartphones, but this app is incompatible with all my devices.

Single Mom Celebrating Father's Day Is Not Right? #FathersDayIsNotforSingleMothers #FathersDay #SingleMom #HappyFathersDayMom

I was about to right a post from my fashion blog, when I landed to a post that gives me a "WHAT!" reaction. Yes, I know that FATHER'S DAY is defined as male who had a child, a male parent, a father-in-law or a step-father. Any person does not fall into this categories is not to be called a father(?).

It started in this title post, Father's Day Is Not For Single Mother's, though the writer had a good point in separating the two statuses, THE FATHER and THE MOTHER responsibilities and characters towards community and families. For me, we cannot compare these two because they have their own contributions that make them more unique with their own status, most especially with the single mom and dad.

Father's Day start its concept from a story of a single dad who raises his six children alone after his wife died. And same story goes with a single mom. For LIFE without the both can't be easily handled, it takes TWO TO TANGO!

So it is very important to celebrate both, month of JUNE is a Day for the FATHER'S, Mother's Day is in the month of MAY, and for those who doesn't know SINGLE PARENTS' DAY is celebrated in March.



There's no need to judge single mother's:

To spread the “love” to single moms on Father’s Day is not as empowering as it might seem. Contrariwise it capitalizes on a self-inflicted wound and stunts the process of healing. The truth is parents should be honored and appreciated every day in their respective roles.This is not a personal issue it is a community crisis that leads a woman to believe she can do the job of a man. No matter how courageous a woman is, just as many men who are left to raise their children alone are not mothers; the role of the father is not one that can be filled by a woman. This does not take any credit away from the “Wonder Woman” that she is and the hard work she invests in taking care of her family. These things just make her an amazingly strong woman but biologically not a father.

~Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/06/fathers-day-is-not-for-single-mothers/#cOJZ3EOU4wUuIsmz.99

I respect the writer's opinion, that Father's Day is for the Father's. And we must not undervalue and take for granted that fact.

A Father's Day is for father's and not right for a single mother.

But for other single mothers(like me), I don't care if it is not right to celebrate it with Father's Day, as long as we know that we are loved by our children, and seen by others that we both played the rules in a right way---no one can stop us!

We don't have bad intentions to cover our hates for our kids' father, but this is "US"-- This is the way we see things in a right perspective, because we have done our part as parents to our kids, and we deserve appreciation and honor for doing our part as father's too!

We don't want to rob them for their day, but I hope everyone feel what we really feels deep inside. These parental roles we have now is not so easy(same as with the single dad), it takes us years to realize that we are alone, that we need to provide our kids what they want, that we are responsible, and last we are strong to face life challenges.

I have this video created by Angel Soft, a video that talks about how children feel and how much they appreciate their single, widowed, separated, annulled and divorced moms this Father's Day.


Ms. Independent: A Single Mother Celebrating Philippine Independence Day #HappyIndepenceDay #PhilippineIndependenceDay

June 12th is celebrated as Independence Day for the Philippines, the Day of Freedom (ARAW NG KALAYAAN)! A national holiday here in the Philippines that is also celebrated worldwide by the people who have Filipino roots.

Throughout Philippine history, Filipinos had to do a lot of empowerment, a lot of fighting, a REVOLUTION. A fight not only lead by a man but also a woman, like Teodora Kalaw, Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang, Gregoria de Jesus wife of Bonifacio, Melchora Aquino, Patrocinia Gamboa, etc. These are the Philippine Revolutionary women responded with dedication and conviction with courage and belief to fight for patriotism and an independent state. A faith with action---to stand up, rise up, and fight for the rights and led to build a Philippine Republic.

Nowadays, women still correspond to this call - a revolution. But a revolution inside their own domicile. The weighing of TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and the unwavering love and care for family. We fight for family protection, we fight because we love our family and whatever happens there's someone doing it all her own --- and that is becoming an independent woman, the most selfless act, doing her best align with discipline and have a positive influence to her children.

Despite the situation that's coming in her way, that totally and practically made her plans and dreams so messed up, she swallowed all her pride and continue to give her children a better life.

Be sensitive to pain a single woman had, recognize that most single parents face difficult financial and emotional dilemma. And having this, they want to escape the stressful life that they have and be FREE from this upheaval.

The celebration of our Independence here in our country is also a celebration of every single parents who wanted to have a TRUE FREEDOM from discrimination in education, employment, religion and health. An affirmation of a true individual liberty: the right to speech and express her own ideas!

We(single parents) stand here as a citizen of Republic of the Philippines, declaring our rights and privileges and to affirm one's membership and allegiance we have to the society as we share one land, heritage,and our children's future.

I, Ms. Independent, a single mother with two children, with a good conscience and faith with God, have a strong conviction that if we only unite and hand-in-hand journey towards Freedom --- we can have it and live with dignity and respect.


Life of A Product Review Blogger #BloggersLife #LifeofaProductReviewBlogger

I've been a product review blogger since 2012 and I really enjoy receiving FREEBIES from different companies to help them promote and at the same time advertise their product in my site. This way it can bring detailed information and give awareness to my readers about products that they already know or may not know and in that it may help them.

Yes, we are so blessed receiving all the free stuff. It really help us boost our source of traffic, subscribers and revenue from our blog. Because of the useful and quality blog content of the site that provides useful information that gives impact in buying decisions of readers.

They have a good taste in choosing right people to do the PROMOTION. Whether you agree or disagree with me, BLOGGERS are CHEAP in terms in a long, lasting advertising promotion. In my experience, I am okay with the payment of $25 blog post link for 6 months or an XDEAL wherein company is giving you the FREE STUFF, all you have to do is to use it and give review after that your work is DONE.

Your review is very useful, compared with the advertisement you see on a magazines and newspapers, when people see the ads after that they will throw it and wait for the next issue. Your blog review is forever in the archives, one click by using search engine the result will be highlighted back to your product reviews.

Another thing is the SOCIAL MEDIA. Company knows that blogger has many social media followers, like in KLOUT, PINTEREST, STUMBLEUPON, LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER & FACEBOOK.

This is what we called the VIRTUAL LIFE, the life where people are in to an Online World, the E-Commerce business, etc...that greatly affect the people purchasing decisions.

Giving bloggers a FREE REVIEW PRODUCTS is the only means they can increased their company sales.

Though some companies are very strict in giving requisites to let you review their products, checking your ALEXA RANKING, SITE RANKING, etc...but there are some companies that by signing up you will become a PRODUCT REVIEWER.

If everyone envy us because of the FREEBIES we have received, don't be. Because sometimes in posting reviews there are mix reaction that bloggers receive from their readers, especially if they encounter product problems.


A blogger is requested to make a 100% honest review, right? What if that honest review turns into a negative one, probably not in your best interest, or with that with your readers, to respond to a negative reviews.

That is how complicated a product review for me, you can't please anybody about your thoughts, it benefit no one to believe or not, even if I edit it or give a sugar coated opinion or be poetic with my words as long as I put an honest review and a lot of a hard work by making various testing.

We may not agree on an item-and that's the beauty of innovation.

I embrace different opinions in fact in every post I've made I always ask my readers and encourage them to use the product and let me know their thoughts. Though sometimes I see no point in making reviews, especially if I read a comment about a sad experience of a certain product.

But I am not stopping doing reviews! I love doing it with all HONESTY and RESPECT!

You can read most of my product reviews here, GLAMOURHOLICMOM