Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life of A Product Review Blogger #BloggersLife #LifeofaProductReviewBlogger

I've been a product review blogger since 2012 and I really enjoy receiving FREEBIES from different companies to help them promote and at the same time advertise their product in my site. This way it can bring detailed information and give awareness to my readers about products that they already know or may not know and in that it may help them.

Yes, we are so blessed receiving all the free stuff. It really help us boost our source of traffic, subscribers and revenue from our blog. Because of the useful and quality blog content of the site that provides useful information that gives impact in buying decisions of readers.

They have a good taste in choosing right people to do the PROMOTION. Whether you agree or disagree with me, BLOGGERS are CHEAP in terms in a long, lasting advertising promotion. In my experience, I am okay with the payment of $25 blog post link for 6 months or an XDEAL wherein company is giving you the FREE STUFF, all you have to do is to use it and give review after that your work is DONE.

Your review is very useful, compared with the advertisement you see on a magazines and newspapers, when people see the ads after that they will throw it and wait for the next issue. Your blog review is forever in the archives, one click by using search engine the result will be highlighted back to your product reviews.

Another thing is the SOCIAL MEDIA. Company knows that blogger has many social media followers, like in KLOUT, PINTEREST, STUMBLEUPON, LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER & FACEBOOK.

This is what we called the VIRTUAL LIFE, the life where people are in to an Online World, the E-Commerce business, etc...that greatly affect the people purchasing decisions.

Giving bloggers a FREE REVIEW PRODUCTS is the only means they can increased their company sales.

Though some companies are very strict in giving requisites to let you review their products, checking your ALEXA RANKING, SITE RANKING, etc...but there are some companies that by signing up you will become a PRODUCT REVIEWER.

If everyone envy us because of the FREEBIES we have received, don't be. Because sometimes in posting reviews there are mix reaction that bloggers receive from their readers, especially if they encounter product problems.


A blogger is requested to make a 100% honest review, right? What if that honest review turns into a negative one, probably not in your best interest, or with that with your readers, to respond to a negative reviews.

That is how complicated a product review for me, you can't please anybody about your thoughts, it benefit no one to believe or not, even if I edit it or give a sugar coated opinion or be poetic with my words as long as I put an honest review and a lot of a hard work by making various testing.

We may not agree on an item-and that's the beauty of innovation.

I embrace different opinions in fact in every post I've made I always ask my readers and encourage them to use the product and let me know their thoughts. Though sometimes I see no point in making reviews, especially if I read a comment about a sad experience of a certain product.

But I am not stopping doing reviews! I love doing it with all HONESTY and RESPECT!

You can read most of my product reviews here, GLAMOURHOLICMOM 

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Run Duterte Run" Fun Run For Federalism #PhilippineFederalism #RunDuterteRun #MayorDuterteForPresident2016

When I first heard about the "Run Duterte Run" Fun Run activity, I promise myself to join the said event.

A photo posted by rainepal (@palraine) on
*Magsaysay Park, Davao City

The activity was set today, May 23, 4:30AM at Magsaysay Park. By the way, the said run is simultaneously done nationwide with Manila and Cebu.

This run is organized by a group of Barangay captain here in Davao City, which aim to unite people to support FEDERALISM and urge Mayor Rody Duterte to run for President in the upcoming National Election in 2016.

A photo posted by Daniella Dennise Zaraspe (@denniseella03) on

 *Manila Run Duterte Run: Running from Coastal to CCP 5K

I am overwhelmed to see flock of people supporting Mayor Rody Duterte, not just here in Mindanao but also in Luzon and Visayas.

"Run Duterte Run"
Fun Run; Uniwide Coastal Mall Paranaque
To PICC Grounds Pasay City
May 23,2015
Photo credit: Jin Sinkara Xiu

In Mindanao, regarding Federalism campaign, I can say that most of the people are all in favor with Federalism. For some of the cities in Luzon and Visayas also favor the Federalism, but still need to raise awareness with other parts of the cities and municipalities to campaign for this program.

A photo posted by rainepal (@palraine) on

The "Run Duterte Run" Fun Run is very  successful, with the help of different religious sector, LGU's and Mindanao tribes in endorsing Federalism campaign and make Federalism an alternative for BBL, in order to unite Christian and Muslims. And the conflict between the two will not worsen, that is the main purpose of Federalism and why Duterte is the right person to lead the campaign.

A photo posted by rainepal (@palraine) on

The run end at Rizal Park.

A photo posted by rainepal (@palraine) on

But for those who would like to join the second league, a FREE Run will be conducted tomorrow, May 24, 5AM, Sunday, from Freedom Park to Rizal Park.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Win A Personalized Baby Item From My 1st Years & Wife.Mother.Teacher #MyFirstYearsGiveaway #WifeMotherTeacher

Give some love in a way you can, make it special in some way.

And to make it more special it should be a personalized gift, that your creativeness and the love that you have in choosing gifts that suit your unique choices and preferences.

Customized something that has a source of love and with special dedication, just like giving a personalized teddy bears, baby clothes, baby shower gifts, etc... It's all about babies gifts that are wrapped and dispatched with care.

And if you want this item you can join My 1st Years & Wife.Mother.Teacher. They are offering a £30 Personalized Item for FREE to one lucky winner!

Are you feeling over run by children's toys? How about a pile of couch blankets you'd love to keep away from your dog? If either of those statements sound like you then I have a giveaway for you.

My 1st Years is straight from the home country of Princess Charlotte and offers a huge variety of classic & modern gifts for the brand new little ones in your life or an expectant mom to be. You'll find everything from blankets, shoes, photo albums, christening gifts or silver bangles - something perfect from every occasion. For a full review of My 1st Years by Wife.Mother.Teacher.click on this link

But here's the best part - one lucky winner will receive a £30 online store credit plus free personalization on the item of their choice.

This giveaway is open to anyone aged 18+ worldwide. To sign up just fill out the rafflecopter form below before this giveaway ends May 31, 2015. 

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLAIMER: PAL RAINE is promoting this giveaway and not responsible for the distribution of prizes. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.


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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stay Connected with Sun Cellular Group Plan 999: Expand your Choices #GoodChoice #SunCellular

School days are coming and I have to stay connected with my two daughters while they are away from home.

Staying connected is the most complex relationship between parents and their children. And as a single mom, need to have that kind of a connection to know the whereabouts of my kids and have the knowledge they were heading after or before school.

I am so very thankful that a postpaid plan from SUN CELLULAR was launched to expand and enjoy all the communication benefits and to have that thorough connection with your family, relatives and friends, the SUN GROUP PLAN 999.

The unlimited sharing for 3 is the perfect plan for us, both me and my two girls. A good deal shared plans, a new way to save money as a mother on a budget who is looking for a best deal.

A postpaid plan which comes with three postpaid lines, it has 3 smartphone androids and other benefits under 1 subscriptions.

I apply for SUN CELLULAR GROUP PLAN from MAGI Communication Davao c/o Tiffany Jade via online. Got my application form thru email, then I fill it out and send it back to them together with the requirements. And for a couple of days, my application got approved, in just a week I got my 1st set of my Sun Cellular Group Plan last April 28. The second set arrive the next month May 4.

The unit was given to us consecutively, because I really waited for my Starmobile Sky to be available.

O+8.37z with FREE MONOPOD
+ Two Headset(one is inside the O+ sealed box)

ALCATEL One Touch Pop D3 + 2 Free Casing


We can stay in touch and make unlimited calls and texts to any Sun Cellular  subscribers.  Enjoying now our shared 10 hours mobile internet and by sending up to 750 text messages per month, being connected with SMART, Talk 'N Text or any other network friends 24/7.

A photo posted by rainepal (@palraine) on

As soon as our SIM CARD was verified and activated, I'll try using it by calling my two tweens and it was great!

Feel good hearing their voices. What a great relief this coming school days!

For more information of these, and other Sun Cellular services you can contact MAGI Communication Davao at their SUN OFFICE mobile number 09258185992 or visit them at 12-GA Grand Mall Arcade, Digos City.

Sun Cellular is the mobile brand of Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc., a member of the PLDT Group.  

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I bought the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*



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Saturday, May 09, 2015

She Is Me: The Raising of My Mother Mini-Me #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay

This Mother's Day is definitely all about our mom. Talking about how much we love them, how we care for them and how thankful we are to have them as our mother.

That look of the finest woman we have for almost thousands of times since birth.

This Mother's Day is definitely all about my Mama.

I will give honor to my very own mother on this very special day, because she really done such a good job.

My Amazing. My Beautiful.
My Best Friend. My Mama.

I am indeed blessed, proud and appreciate my mother strength and giving up her career as a teacher just to stay at home for the sake of giving me the full attention to care and guide me all the way --- 24/7.

I will not argue, but I can't help smiling everytime I will remember the stupidity I've made during my college years, you can see that to her face that she is totally pissed off. And me totally STUBBORN. SASSY-Type B. She stood before me and look at me with no longer phases. I know she's mad---I am quiet, and a sense of obeying her words without asking anymore questions.

I do exactly remember what causes her look and being pissed with matching crossed arms with a chin up head, this is when she knew that I am in my first 12 weeks or in my 3 months pregnancy.  Yes, I got pregnant at age 23, that time I am taking up my second course in college.

For her, I am her life, her world. I am the only child and all of these years she was with me all throughout. Then suddenly, I was lost at her sight and found out that her little girl got pregnant. Her world suddenly STOP.

I give birth - Mama was there.

I have my two kids now and got separated to my husband -- Mama was there.

Recalling the good things she has done to me is priceless. Though there are times we have our little arguments, still Mama has been always there for me.


Being strong - SHE IS ME.

The strength I have right now as a single mother I get it from my Mama. My mother is my LIFE right now and as a result, I now understand how much my Mama did for me.

My Mama has provided me a path of strength, endurance and had to make tough decision of her life and that is to resign from her job and be with me. Now, I did the same just like her, but in different scenarios that is when I made my hardest decision to become a single parent to my kids and to raise them alone.

Mother Mini-Me

My Mama has been an inspiration for us together with my two daughters. We appreciate everything she has done.

I know the balancing of time and responsibility seems overwhelming, and thanks God, He had given us a mother like my Mama who teaches us with so much love, respect and compassion. Who give us confidence and I am deeply touched with her words and I will carry that till the end of time.

She's my reflection. She test the strength in me --- my self-confidence.

That I belong to her and she belong to us(with her grandchildren). And when time comes that she's going to leave us, her legacy will live through me, her Mini-ME.

Here's a song dedicated to all Mothers!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!



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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Motherly Dear $30 PayPal Cash Giveaway

It's time to honor our mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers for their great contribution to family and to the community.

Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday of May. Celebrated with gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates, etc... Other special treats may include a whole day pampering at spa or beauty treatments.

But you can also treat your mother by joining this giveaway sponsored by:

Hosted by 

and co-hosted by Walk with Me and Sensy Fashion

Motherly Dear $30 PayPal Cash Giveaway

One person will win $30 PayPal cash in celebration of Mother’s Day. Hopefully with this small amount, we could bring joy to one mom's face no matter where she comes from.

Giveaway Dates: May 01, 2015 at 12:00am EST thru May 11, 2015 at 12:00am EST, Open World Wide 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama 
and to me as well! Whew!

Disclaimer: Momsdrive Villa is the one responsible in giving the prize for the Motherly Dear $30 PayPal Cash giveaway. The winner will be contacted prior posting to the WINNER’S PAGE, and must respond within 24 hours or else another winner will be proclaimed.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

30th Kadayawan Festival 2015: Davao Preparation #KadayawanFestival2015 #DavaoPH #ShareDavao #VisitDavao

This year, Davao City will celebrate the 30th KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2015. Showcasing the indigenous tribes rituals in celebrating after a bountiful harvest. Which also coincide the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

(C) Choose Philippines

KADAYAWAN is also known as the FESTIVAL of ALL FESTIVALS, a month celebration that display and show the fun-loving side of Dabawenyos, a burst of colors with spectacular floats of fresh flowers and fruit harvests.

The 30th Kadayawan Festival is scheduled from August 17-23, 2015.

Last April 15, our City Mayor Rody Duterte issued and signed an Executive Order, creating an EXECOM that will plan, organize, manage and implement the activities of the festival.

City Government of Davao together with the private sector Kadayawan sa Dabaw Foundation, Inc. will hold the annual event.

The Execom will be spearheaded by the Davao Vice-Mayor Paolo Duterte and assisted by Mr. Rollie Dumalag of Kadawayan sa Dabaw Foundation as his vice-chairperson.

The Kadayawan sa Dabaw Foundation will be in-charge for the ways and means committee, this body will be the one charged in reviewing and making recommendations for the festival budgets. So as of now, they are looking for sponsors inorder to raise revenue needed for the said event.

What activities/events expected in this coming Kadayawan Festival 2015:


Also added here is the KADAYAWAN SA LUMADNONG KATILINGBAN, entered here are:

(1) Davao River Festival
(2) Panagtagpo
(3) Lumadnong Bantawan
(4) Lumadnong Dula
(5) Hiyas sa Kadayawan

For more information:

City Tourism Operation Office
Door 8, Magsaysay Park Complex, 
Magsaysay Park, 8000, Davao City
TELEFAX NUMBER:(082) 222-1956 to 58
OFFICE WEBSITE: www.davaotourism.com

CITY WEBSITE:   www.davaocity.gov.ph/tourism    

Kadayawan sa Dabaw Foundation, Inc.
No. 6 Peñaloza Bldg., Villa Abrille St., Davao City
Tel. Nos. (82)224.6319
Facebook Page

source: SUNSTAR PH

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Will Birthday Be Like In A 39 Years Old Single Mom? #Iam39 #ItsMyBirthday

Today(April 21) is my 39th birthday. And for some this age, especially for women is an age of maturity and being so responsible.

I am in my late 30's now, but still I act like a child at times, but I know when to become mature and when not to.

I have so many life experiences, and being a mature is part of growing up and some of it having to do with my life decision through certain stages or certain things.

I've been to many ups and downs, found my partner and heart broken. I've had love one's who were here and died the next. A pretty wild ride indeed, that I can say at the end that I handle it all with pride and confidence.

Credit to the owner

I am tough? Yes, I am tough enough, in a way how I handle things in my own perspective way.

So many lessons in life in a 39 years old single mom.

(1) Working hard doesn't mean you have to be smart. You need time and space to succeed, be organized and work efficiently. For a single mom, time is always gold--- DO NOT WASTE TIME.

(2) Be positive all the time, do not let negative things get to you.

(3) I know no one is PERFECT! So be who you are and don't pretend. It doesn't mean that they are great they are already perfect. You encountered lots of it, people who are boastful in their achievements, but still they are human, they commit mistakes.

(4) Slowly but surely. In every work you make, at the office or at home be precise and gradually you will achieve the desired results. The choice is yours!

(5) That KARMA is REAL. It happened with me personally. Everytime I give more with my work, I get more than I ask for.

(6) Make a change. Do not stick to one place, one person or to one group. Be flexible and adaptable. This is true with me, I don't like to hang around too long with one group of people. I love to mingle with other people that are not my close. I spend time with people who are there to support me and believe me all the way.

(7) Keep on listening with your guts, because your guts are always right.

(8) In every relationship you enter, be happy. Because if you're happy with it, then your relationship will perfectly successful. It really starts with ourselves. Maybe I am not happy with what I see and experience that is why my relationship with my partner is not working great.

These are just some of the lessons I've learned from my 38 years of age. Now that I am 39, I hope I will learned more about maturity and get the right spot for another leap in my life daily progress.

With much sincerity and happiness I thank everyone who greeted my birthday. I wasn't expecting to do something special neither I wasn't prepare to make a day a very special day, but with all your messages via viber and mobile through call & text and Facebook messages via private message and on my Facebook timeline and on my Twitter and Google forced me to see this day as a very memorable one.

I am overwhelmed and touched with all your messages and how you remembered my natal day who took time even little effort to greet me. Your message mean a lot to me, it keep me strong and it give me enough courage to face life greatest challenges.

Thank you all.

Thank you Lord Jesus!

To GOD be the Glory. Amen.   

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