Friday, August 22, 2014

Breeze ActivBleach calls on moms to join 1Laba Day

Breeze ActivBleach is treating mommies across the country to a day off from their laundry chores with the simultaneous nationwide event 1Laba Day happening on August 28

Moms in barangays throughout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are invited to head to 1Laba Day venues and let Breeze’s revolutionary ActivBleach take care of their stained clothes while they take part in exciting activities Breeze has in store for them to celebrate every mother’s hard work and love for her family.

With 1 Laba Day, Breeze aims to wash 1 million stains using Breeze ActivBleach, which removes even the toughest of stains in just one wash. Participating moms can enjoy their ultimate laundry day-off as Breeze treats them to various entertainment activities, while the Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by campaign partners Electrolux, White Westinghouse, Whirpool and LG, will take care of washing their clothes.

Simultaneous 1Laba Day events will happen in Metro Manila (Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasay), North Luzon (Tarlac, Pangasinan), South Luzon (Laguna, Cavite), Visayas (Cebu), and Mindanao (Davao).

Breeze with ActivBleach is the first and only detergent brand with 4-enzyme technology to remove more types of stains with less effort and time. It even has a unique active system for better foam profile and quicker lather, plus percarbonate TAED bleach that takes out bleachable stains without harming the environment.


Be a part of the Breeze 1 Laba Day event and see for yourself how Breeze with ActivBleach removes 1 million stains in just one wash. Like the official Breeze Facebook page and join the online promos to get the chance to win washing machines from partner brands. Consumers can also get free Breeze gift packs for every purchase of an Electrolux, Whirlpool and LG washing machine.

*Pre-Event Announcement from Stratworks Marketing Communications

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Say Selfiee

It was in the year 1839 that the first photographed of a person or the first known SELFIE taken by Robert Cornelius.

He produced a daguerreotype or a photographic process which delivers the burnished image, a mirror like surface of metallic silver appear either positive or negative depending on the lighting condition and whether a light and dark background is being reflected in the metal.

Photo Source: Blackmagictea at wikipedia 

When the term "SELFIE" being discuss by a photographer Jim Krauss in 2005, the word becomes viral and uses by most of the teenage girls doing their seemingly endless self-portraits posted in social network like FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and PINTEREST using their mobile phone with a front-facing cameras copied by the iPhone 4 from a Korean and Japanese mobile phones, selfie sites like INSTAGRAM and ITISMEE and mobile photo apps such as SAY SELFIEE.

The newest mobile app that gives you a SNAP of the cutest, most beautiful and gorgeous selfie is now here! Get ready to download the app online.  But before that let me give you the 6 AMAZING FEATURES of SAY SELFIEE.

  1. VOICE-DIRECTED Photo Taking
  2. POWERFUL FACE Detection
  3. AUTO-SNAP Function
  5. Quick and EASY FACIAL EDITING Tools
  6. One Click to SHARE

Super simple to use, isn't it? Download the app and you will see. Turn on your phone, follow the voice directions and your selfie got it auto-taken.

And to make you more convince about this app, here are some of the screenshot that will guide you:

THE VOICE GUIDANCE - the first ever voice guidance camera that will tell you to snap the PERFECT SELFIE.

4 CAMERA PRESETS - help you choose what mode you should use in order to come out with great SELFIE.

FLAWLESS PHOTO WITH A TOUCH - here you can use quick and easy FACIAL EDITING.

MANAGE YOUR PHOTOS - love to share your SELFIE now? No problem. You can share it via TWITTER, FACEBOOk, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST.




For more information, please visit:

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Place in Davao City

I am a Dabawenya and I am very proud to call my self a native from Davao City.

Here in Davao City we have 182 Barangays arranged into 3 Legislative Districts and 11 administrative districts.

SOURCE: Tax Mapping Division

For 38 years living here, I can say that I haven't known my City well. There are some places that I haven't visited like PAQUIBATO(2)and MARILOG(3) District.

Yes! I belong to 1st District that is why places I've mentioned above are nowhere near me. I am curious to know what is happening in these places and how to go there. It is SAFE or do we need a guide to travel here?

PAQUIBATO DISTRICT 2 compose of 13 Barangays:

Paquibato Proper
Paradise Embak

I heard so much about this place, but most of the news I get are all negative. When the Military decided to establish a camp here the livelihood of the people of Paquibato were affected. But I was wrong, when I saw the pictures from their FACEBOOK PAGE the place was so peaceful and harmonious. Nice place to live. More photos here: ENTER DAVAO

MARILOG DISTRICT 3 compose of 12 Barangays:

Datu Salumay
Marilog Proper

Eager to visit this place again except for BUDA. I've been to BUDA not once but thrice
and I really enjoyed the place. So refreshing! 

Wanted to experience other places like Suawan and Tamugan wherein my parents used to teach the tribes of Davao City. More or less 60 kilometers away from the busiest street of Davao City. Pollution free, noise-free and stress-free!

Suawan River, Davao City
Photo Credit: Rodolfo Tangan

Not so well visited places here in Davao City but soon to be part of your itinerary once you travel to my town. If you decide to visit Davao, visit Davao City Tourism for your guide they will definitely help and assist you in providing assistance and advice on how to visit this places. 

And I will conclude that this will become a HAPPY PLACE in Davao if given a proper promotion.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Another rave party will happen this month of August but it is not a street party but a HARVEST FESTIVAL Party.  A party from
the "restrictions" of a legal club scene, typically involves a performances by a disc jockey(colloquially called  DJs) with a live performance playing electronic music, particularly electronic dance music(EDM).

A party of festival where all the people are present creating and enforcing their own rules in partying with styles.

This is another thing to celebrate KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2014, a party which motivates the organizers range to come up again with this once in a lifetime event, just wanting to have FUN and give THANKS to a fruitful year that STARR, MOON, Cork and Barrel, HYBRID, and BLUE REEF had yielded.

A 3 days of partying, August 14,15 and 16, so get ready because you will experience a noise level that usually illegally high but with positive beat of good music!


August 14
The best local DJ's in one BIG NIGHT. Featuring the Dj's of STARR, CORK and BARREL, HYBRID and BLUE REEF:

James Ponce
DJ Oliver
DJ Big
Robert Lim
Adonis M
Francis T
Nezza Figuro


XFactor(International DJ/Producer)
ASTRID(Vanity Club)

First time in the Philippines happen only in Davao City, a BACK2BACK LIVE performance of the 2 Disco Mix Club World Champion DJ's 

DJ Coki

with a special friend that will drop beats on the FINALE NIGHTS

Yancy Montacar

*Avail now: 

Early BIRD PROMO>>> Buy tickets on Friday, August 8, at 10PM up to 10PM on Saturday, August 9, and you will get the tickets for only PHp500 for the 3 days event of HARV-FEST 2014 and a FREE CLUB ACCESS on the following sponsored clubs.

For more information please do visit STARR DinePartyShine FB PAGE or please visit PARTY ANIMAL FB PAGE on how to avail the tickets.


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Monday, August 04, 2014

Clean Up Messy Wires in Davao City

We all get more and more tethered to our electronic devices, wire management is a challenge almost everyone faces, especially here in Davao City, everyone sees the cluttered wires all around.

Messy Wires isn't just ugly but also dangerous. 

(c) Councilor Leo Avila

The best answer is to create a plan which takes preparation from planning and healthy dose of constructions.  Thanks so much that one of our City Councilor, Mr. Leo "Happy L.A" Avila 111 make a recommendation for this in order to solve this problem. An ordinance that will regulate wires, cable lines, and poles used by different utility companies. He too suggested a feasibility study of underground wires and cables that will permanently STOP #MessyWires here in our city.

Mounting wires, cables and other components to a hidden places will surely make our place nice to see, no more eyesore.

Wires are inevitable component of our lives, but minimizing how much we see them will give our place a very serene and clean city, a safe and a beautiful place to live.

UNTANGLED THIS NOW!  Dabawenyos wanted to see organized cables and wire heap. 

As a discipline citizens of Davao City will support the #CleanUpMessyWiresinDavao campaign!

Let us all support Councilor Leo Avila advocacy.  

If this is approved and well implemented this will be another FIRST in Philippine history.  

For updates and more information please do visit LEO AVILA FB PAGE.



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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I really don't know what happened to our Customer Service Industry right now.  Just recently, I have this bad experience with a CSR from a prestigious company who don't know how to handle customers complaints and queries. Just in front of us she uttered bad words and shouted as to WAIT for our turn. This is not good for the company or any other establishment to have an employee like this, having this kind of attitude.

I remember when I am still studying in college, my first job is to work as a Customer Service Representative or a CSR at RCPI-Bayantel (Legazpi Branch-Davao). I admit I don't have that kind of a training on how to handle the position I have, apart from answering calls, sending and receiving FAX Simile telegraphs/letters, and etc.

The only thing I know that I have to TALK with the customers and by ANSWERING them promptly with grace and respect.


I love talking.

We all love talking whether we are in the office, school, universities or in public. That's good especially if you use it rightly without doing no harm to others. You are sociable and outgoing person and this is a major draw to become a good CUSTOMERS SERVICE AGENT/REPRESENTATIVE. But if you are shy and afraid to communicate with strangers, well CUSTOMERS SERVICE JOB is a NO NO for you.


photo credit: via photopin cc

I love to help.

This is our primary role aside from answering queries and attending complaints. We are here to extend our hands in order to help and resolves costumers issues. We have to know them better.


photo credit: Wiertz Sébastien via photopin cc

Together we can.

All through out the day, your time is focus in dealing various costumers issues. But never forget that doing it by team or a group you can easily handle things smoothly without dealing the dramas and workloads. I mean build a team for costumers satisfaction.

I know that this job requires proper knowledge but there is no job that can truly give you happiness unless you know how to become a FLEXIBLE PERSON.


Having this kind of attitude you will become a GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT and this will benefit you in your next career moves.

Remembering my WATSONS days, when tatay HENRY SY, Sr. visited our MALL BRANCH-075, he said this words: "A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AT WORK will GIVE YOU GOOD SALE".

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Monday, July 28, 2014

MMFF New Wave kicks off University Caravan this August

The Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave kicks off the first leg of its University Caravan on Saturday, August 2, from at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Letran Auditorium. This workshop is open to all film students and independent filmmakers.

The Caravan showcases top personalities who have made waves for independent films both here in our country and abroad.

DUKIT a film by acclaimed director Armando Lao

Speakers include multi-award winning actress and public servant Ms. Boots Anson Roa on style and techniques for effective acting; film and commercial director Paul Soriano on developing an interesting story line and proper directing and creative techniques; investment banker and independent film producer Ida Tiongson on generating production resources; Ricky Orellano of the Animation Council of the Philippines talks about developing animation techniques and business potentials; film producer Digna Santiago on business strategies in marketing films; Dennis Lucero of the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging on the fundamentals of digital editing; and fashion director for Patricia Coronado on fashion styling for movie characters.


For this year, MMFF New Wave offers a wide range of topics that would surely help every aspiring filmmaker to make independent films that are worthy of world recognition.

By Tyrone Acierto

Now on its 40th year, The Metro Manila Film Festival’s “New Wave” competition was the brainchild of MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino. It was introduced in 2010 due to the continued popularity of “Indie” films that serve as a platform for aspiring student and independent film enthusiasts to showcase their talents.

“This year, as we celebrate our 40th year, MMFF will continue the tradition of supporting independent films through a bigger, better, and bolder New Wave Section,” Tolentino said.

The festival has four (4) categories namely, Full Length, Animation, Student shorts and Cinephone. Entries for all categories are now being accepted in the MMDA office in Makati City.

For Full Length category, entries must have a minimum total running time of 75 minutes and must have been completed from 2013 onwards. Deadline for submission of entries is September 4.
Student Shorts, on the other hand, is open to student filmmakers from local colleges and universities. Entries must have a maximum 20 minutes running time and must have been filmed within 2014. Deadline for submission is until October 4.

For Animation category, entries must have a maximum total running time of 12 minutes and completed from 2013 onwards.
The Cinephone competition, meanwhile, is a nationwide cellphone movie-making contest for high school and college students. This year’s theme is “Pagbangon Pagkalipas ng Kalamidad,” a timely theme that would showcase the resilience of Filipinos in times of calamity, to the world. Deadline for submission of entries is October 4, with 60 videos to be selected as finalists.
Big prizes await this year’s winners.

Chairman Tolentino announced that the Full Length entry to be adjudged as Best Picture will receive a cash prize of P300,000. A “Special Jury” prize will also be awarded with P200,000 cash. Apart from its regular showing during the festival in December, all entries will be given a special commercial run in at least 20 cinemas in 2015.
For Student Shorts, the Best Picture will receive P50,000 and P25,000 each for special awards.
The Best Picture in the Animation section, will get a P100,000 cash prize.

 Six winners in the Cinephone competition will each receive P25,000 plus  paid internships from Viva Films, Scenema Concept, and Quantum Films, among others.

The lecture series is open to all. Admission is free. The University Caravan visits Muntinlupa on August 16, at the Expo Trade Hall, Festival Mall, Alabang

For more information visit, facebook: or twitter:

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Philippine Lemon Law

In buying cars you have to be really accurate and well detailed. Important things should be taken and not to be taken for granted.

When you bought a brand new car and something goes wrong, go back to the dealer and ask for a repair or a refund or a replacement for the "LEMON" car, but you only received a reply from the company, a "SORRY" or not a single word at all.

So thankful that this law is now implemented here in the Philippines, The LEMON LAW.

What is a LEMON? A term use to describe a car that is unsafe, inefficient, had a repeated problems, or defect. In New York, they had this law, that if you buy a brand new or a second hand car the buyer has the right to return the car if they discovered it defected and its not working well.

photo credit: @Doug88888 via photopin cc  

Now, here in the Philippines we have this new law, RA 10642, " An Act Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Purchase of Brand New Motor Vehicles, approved last July 15, 2014 by our President Benigno S. Aquino 111.


These are some of the highlights of RA 10642:

Sec.4 - COVERAGE: This act shall cover brand new motor vehicles purchased in the Philippines reported by a consumer to be in nonconformity with the vehicle's manufacturer or distributor's standard or specifications within 12 months from the date of original delivery to the consumer, or up to 20,000 kilometers of operation after such delivery, whichever comes first.

Sec.5 - REPAIR ATTEMPTS: At any time within the Lemon Law rights period, and after at least 4 separate repair attempts for the same complaint, the consumer may invoke his or her rights under the Act. Repair includes replacement of parts, components, or assemblies.

Sec.6 - Before availing the act under Sec 5, the consumer shall, in writing, notify the manufacturer, distributor, authorized retailer or dealer.

for more CLICK here: RA 10642     

Department of Trade and Industry should implement the Rules and Regulations within 90 days from the effectivity of the ACT.

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    Tuesday, July 22, 2014


    Two people bind together as one, a relationship that had a vow, to live together eternally. A mutual understanding that expressed in the Sacrament of Matrimony.

    photo credit: Caucas' via photopin cc

    It's like a fairy tale story, finding your Prince Charming or your Queen and have a happy ending, "TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER".

    But when MISTRUST comes in, love totally goes away.

    Every relationship there's always a trial as they usually say, but if that trials destroys your trust it is another story.

    Been betrayed many times, not once, but so many times. I suspect many of us can relate to this feeling the clinging to a grudge. We felt the anger and we wanted to REVENGE. We can easily forgive but somethings is holding us not to forget it.

    photo credit: mugley via photopin cc

    It's not easy to forget when the love of your life breaks your heart.  But it doesn't imply that if you don't have that trust you will not love again. Though the fear of trusting might be broken again, you still hold on because you believe that this is LIFE and a part of a trial that is proving you to be STRONG.

    Paranoid of a little hurts, that when suspicion arises, you will feel that someone will hurt you again.

    I am a POSITIVE PERSON, I think that everything run so good.  But when it comes to RELATIONSHIP I always go wrong because I think that way. Rationalizing the feelings that when this MAN do this to me, this MAN will do that to me once more.

    The reality, it takes time for me to trust again.

    photo credit: Lel4nd via photopin cc

    It will take courage to acknowledge my feelings and willingness to take a person once again in my life, to bring back that trust again I have to start it within myself. 

    It takes a mutual commitment to hear and honor what other person once to say about me. And moving beyond instead of living from the past full of memories.

    Rehashing the old ideas into a new form without changing any significant details just to help me improve myself. And to think that everything had a good purpose why that person is hurting me.

    And to believe, that there will be that someone who will treat me RESPECT and give CONSIDERATION in everything that I do. I will not close my door for love.

    Read this from an FB post: 
    The thing about being DEFENSIVE in everything you do is that everything becomes a BATTLE, and no one ever WINS.

    I will love-hurt-love-hurt over and over. Only this time I will take precautions, I will ask myself IF I AM READY to take the RISK? And I am ready to TRUST again?

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