Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A Memoir of Jam Sebastian #PaalamJamSebastian

After months of battling lung cancer, Jam Vhille "Jam" Sebastian of the famous sensation "JAMICH" passed away today, March 4, 10:30AM.

I started following JAMICH on June 2011, when they
aired their first video in YOUTUBE--- "BY CHANCE". An autobiographical love story that inspired from the video of Wongfu Productions, "Strangers Again".


The video goes viral in FACEBOOK, that I myself was amazed how the two characters lead by Jam Sebastian and Michelle Liggayu give justice to each role.

There both not "sikat"(famous) that time, when they launched their video. But over a year, like most of the other stars who found fame on the internet, the two shared popularity as a rising stars, and the next big thing sensation in entertainment. They got guests spots on National TV, accept cover post in a magazine and grab product endorsement deal. 

But who really was JAM SEBASTIAN?

Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian was born on March 20, 1986. He is the younger brother of Yexel Sebastian a former dancer of the group STREETBOYS and KIDS AT WORK, and now a famous toy collector in the Philippines.

Jam also direct, plan, shoot, make a script, narrate stories, make a title for their stories, etc.etc.,,,as posted to his FB Timeline

He is such a talented guy, no words to explain his talent. Born with so much dreams and ambitions in life. He surely left us with a mark both entertainment and with our personal experiences with his stories. 

Through his video we relate, we dream, we believe that someday we all going to achieve that, if we can help just one to make that person feel positive about what the future going through a life changing event, we will feel that this is just temporary, that this idea is GODs idea and Jam's project has all been worth while.

Jam suffered with LUNG CANCER and stop making videos for JAMICH. The JAMICH FANS able to relate the situation and therefore felt alone waiting for the possibilities where Jam and Mich makes another positive short stories that will open the door to those who feel relatable with the experiences be it through relationship with family, as a couple, journey of life, and in general.

Jam ended his battle, submitting all his life videos to his MAKER, but aiming that someday his works will not be left unheard or unseen. 

JAM gives positive outlook for others to relate and to aspire others to make videos that includes real stories, real people and talk about their accomplishments as well as their day to day experiences --- anything that will give a bit of encouragement to all of our youth for today.

Here's another video that I've watched, not once, twice but many times. And honestly, this is the video that made me cried.

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7-Eleven Davao Job Openings

Be part of the Philippines Number 1 convenient store, 7-Eleven.

(c) Wiki

Philippines Seven Corporation or the PSC, was registered with the SEC on November 1982. In December 13, 1982, it acquired from Southland Corporation or famously known now as Seven Eleven Inc., at Dallas, Texas the license to operate 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines.

The first branch of 7-Eleven opened its door on February 29, 1984, located at the corner of Kamias Road and EDSA Quezon City, Metro Manila. Considering the economic stability of our country that time, 7-Eleven manage to grew slowly. 

From its humble beginnings at Quezon City, now they have 500-stores still standing and dominating convenient industries. Through out the years, their store branches touches the lives of Filipinos across different demographics and now dominating Mindanao, first stop DAVAO CITY.


On its ongoing expansion program they are looking for aggressive and independent individuals Dabawenyos to fill in the following positions:

Interested applicants, you may send your RESUME via email:


Most preferably, there looking for a working student, that would like to work in a morning shift and study at night. SALARY is based on minimum wage.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Araw Ng Dabaw 2015 Schedule of Activities - TENTATIVE #ArawNgDabaw

Here is the Tentative schedule for the 78th Araw ng Dabaw 2015:

March 9  : OPENING CEREMONY 5PM at Rizal Park

March 10 : BANDA HUDYAKA 1PM at San Pedro Street

March 11 : City Hall Employee's Day 9AM-5PM at Quezon Park

March 12 : DAVAO UNPLUGGED 6PM at San Pedro Square

March 13 : ARAW NG DABAW MUSICFEST 2015 3PM-2AM at San Pedro square 

March 14 : DATU BAGO AWARDS 5PM at Royal Mandaya Hotel

March 14 : MUTYA NG DAVAO 2015 Coronation Night 7PM at Davao City Recreational Center (formerly known as ALMENDRAS GYM)

March 16 : PARADA DABAWENYO 7AM at Magsaysay Ave. to CM Recto to Bonifacio St. to Legaspi St. till the end tail of the parade at San Pedro Street.


March 16, 1936, A Congressman from Davao Romualdo Quimpo filed a bill 609 and passed as Commonwealth Act 51, creating City of Davao from the so called town of Davao or MAYO and Guianga District.

And on October 16, 1936, President Manuel L. Quezon inaugurated Davao as a CHARTER CITY. And the City of Davao became a provincial capitol of a United DAVAO PROVINCE.

Davao City is one of the first two towns become a city in Mindanao, the other one is Zamboanga.

source: DAVAO CITY

Happy 78th Birthday my Beloved Davao City!!!!!!

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Monday, March 02, 2015

How to set a Twitter Cards For Blogger #Twitter #TwitterCards

Are you familiar with Twitter Cards? I am just curious looking at my co-bloggers twitter link, I thought they just post the photo then put the description, the same as we post our statuses at our Facebook timeline wherein we post photo and put description and link. Then I found out about this TWITTER CARDS when I change my blogger templates.

Twitter Cards is the newest functionality develop by TWITTER, that makes it possible to attached photos, videos, or other media preferences straight from your website. Tweets that link to your content, when other users tweets your link will have a card added to the TWEET POST that's visible to other users/followers. But before I go to the tutorial, let me first help you get acquainted with different types of Twitter Cards that used mostly by Bloggers. 

Summary Card - Can be used for many kinds of web content, like the blog post and news articles online. It is designed to give a preview of the content before clicking your site. This is good for product review, fashion, web article and restaurant endorsement.

Summary Card with Large Image - To give your followers a nice large, full-width prominent image with a tweet summary description about your post. Good for Food, Travel and Beauty bloggers.


Photo Card - Here you can see the frontal and center Image of the photo you have tweeted, and by clicking it you will see the full and detailed view of the photo. This is used by most of the photographer, traveler and design bloggers.

Gallery Card - A collection of photos which tell your follower when you about to click the link you will see more photos in the post. Used mostly by Real Estate Broker/Agent and Travelers.

See other types here >>> Twitter Cards
*Sample photo taken from Twitter Cards.

A. Step-by-step Tutorial For Bloggers using Splendid Free Templates:

There are two set of a guide that I used here. Honestly, I am having a hard time setting up with the code snippet that instructed given to me by my templates developer. But I religiously studied and followed all what is given from their step-by-step tutorial.

In my Pink Blossoms blog, I used this tutorial:

First, Go to Blogger Templates > Edit > CTRL F then type this code: <b:includable id='post' var='post'>  

Second, you will see a code something like this:

Third, change @yourname to your Twitter account handler name, and to be your site URL.

B. Another way to put Twitter Card for blogger for any other kind of template use.

This is done for only 2 minutes.

Follow step 1(A) and type this code <head> and paste this code snippet just below it.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
   <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription'>
      <meta content='summary_large_image' name='twitter:card'/>
      <meta content='@bloggerrecipes' name='twitter:site'/>
      <meta content='@bloggerrecipes' name='twitter:creator'/>
      <meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' name='twitter:title'/>
      <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='twitter:description'/>
      <b:if cond='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl'>
         <meta expr:content='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl' name='twitter:image:src' />
Make sure to replace the @bloggerrecipes with your own Twitter Handler Name.
I choose 'summary_large_image' Twitter card type.
And test and submit the new code made with the Twitter Validator. This will be the outcome:

So if you're going to share your Twitter post to your follower, this will be the result.

Source: BloggerDIY and Bthemez

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Get To Know Mozilla Firefox Hello

I upgraded my Mozilla browser, and I saw a HELLO(emoticon) BUTTON at the left corner of my tab bar.

Curious to know what is it, I hover to that Hello icon button and click it.


Recently Mozilla launches their Firefox Hello, the first global communication system that build direct into a browser to make easy access to everyone.

As you upgrade your Mozilla browser you will see it in the MENU BAR or the CUSTOMIZATION PANEL.

Click the "START A CONVERSATION" button in order to create your first conversation or this will be your start-up CHAT.

When you start a conversation, a CHAT BOX will appear showing a self-view, in which a person you invited or just see the link clicks it and join your conversation.

I copy the LINK. Posted it on my Facebook Account.

And if someone see the link on my TIMELINE, then click that link, they will see this in their browser(even if they are not using Mozilla browser).

And if you want to navigate to another site, you can leave Firefox Hello. Then if someone join your conversation, HELLO will notify you by showing a BLUE
HELLO ICON and you will get an audio alert.

You can set up an URL for easy access of your conversation over video or audio, and make a name for you conversation. This can be done without the need of signing up for an account or giving your personal information.

Sample of a Conversation Window in Firefox Hello

And if you want to use Firefox Hello to your everyday
contacts, you want to be with them all the time, make sure that they have a Firefox Account. And if you have a Google account, you can sync or import contacts to your HELLO ADDRESS BOOK, just sign in to your Google account and accept permission to import contacts.

What are you waiting for? Say "HELLO" to your friends, family and relatives today. Here's how to get started

Demonstration of Firefox Hello


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Friday, February 20, 2015

Couples Amazing Selfie Proposal Goes Viral On The Internet

Getting engage is so viral this year, proposal here and everywhere.  A lot of articles I have read lately are more on getting in to a different kind of proposal thingy from indirect way or what they called the snide, to rude and just simple but shocking proposal.

photo credit: The Proposal via photopin (license)

It is getting popular to see more single ladies and more diamond put in ladies ring finger.

Just like in this video, it happened this month of February, 12 of 2015 with 2M viewers and 14474 LIKES as of today(Feb 20).

Watch the hilarious reaction of the now bride-to-be.

Uploaded by GREAT VIDEO

This is different, a bit shocking proposal, but what makes it different from other viral proposal we have seen is that, the proposer itself secretly records everything by pretending to take a standard style of a SELFIE(not using the selfie pod).

Great proposal, I agree!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Viber Welcomes The Year of the Goat with a New Sticker Pack - PRESS RELEASE

Users Can Now Share Fun Chinese New Year Stickers with Family and Friends to Celebrate the Spring Festival

Viber, the leading OTT communications app offering free messaging and HD-quality calls, is joining in the festivities of the Lunar New Year. A specially designed sticker pack is now available to download, featuring a brand newsticker character as we enter the Year of the Goat. Considered the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar because of its rich cultural heritage and history, the Lunar New Year is centuries old and celebrated by over a billion of people worldwide.

The ‘Happy 羊 Year’ pack - Happy Goat Year - features 16 vibrant stickers which celebrate everything about Chinese New Year and the festive season. Each sticker reflects key celebrations and traditions observed by Chinese communities during the Spring Festival. This pack is for Chinese communities around the world as well as anyone (or Nationality - eg Thais - to be inserted per market)who wants to wish their (Chinese - to be inserted per market) friends a marvelous new year. From special greetings and hong bao giving (and receiving!) to sharing messages of prosperity, there is something for everyone – the perfect way to spread the Lunar New Year vibes.

Viber provides a new way to enjoy the celebrations with loved ones far and near. The Chinese New Year pack offers greetings in multiple languages including Mandarin, Cantonese and English. The red and gold pack has plenty of stickers embodying some of the key customs. Send greetings with red lanterns, fireworks and dragon dances to ward off evil at the start of the Lunar New Year. Wish prosperity and abundance by sharing gold, red envelopes and money treeswith your loved ones. Finally, as the family gathers for New Year’s Eve dinner, why notsend stickers to tell absent friends that you miss them – choose from the famous new year cake, oranges for prosperity, or dumplings representing the full moon and symbolizing thefamily unit and perfection.

The Chinese New Year sticker pack is now available to download from the Viber sticker market for free.

For more updates on Viber, visit,, and

About Viber:

Viber is a pioneering mobile messaging, voice and video service. Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. Users can send free text messages, fun stickers, photos, videos and doodles, share locations anywhere in the world, make free HD-quality calls and communicate with Push-To-Talk. With Viber Out, users can make low-cost calls to any phone number around the world. Viber is available for iPhone®, Android™ phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry®, Blackberry® 10, Windows®, Windows 8®, Mac, Linux, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. With over 516 million unique users in 193 countries, Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features. Viber is a Rakuten Group company.


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Sunday, February 15, 2015

How I Survive Valentines Day as a Single Parent

In the past 9 years being a single-parent, Valentine's Day seems a not so celebrated day in my life. Though others celebrate it with much extravagant by giving a heart shaped chocolate-candy boxes, flowers to jewelries, it's easy to believe and envy everyone around who has found true love.

But how do I survive this holiday as a Single-Parent, celebrating Valentine's Day in a different way which is more meaningful.

Honestly, every year I celebrated VDAY(Valentine's Day) with my KIDS., a celebration on UNIQUENESS.

SHOPPING, LEISURE TIME and BONDING Of course, we do these everyday...we shop a lot, we eat a lot together, we bond a lot...but do I tell them that I appreciate their presence, that I NOTICE them as a UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS

This is the time I want them to see and feel that I value them, that I observe their UNIQUE TALENTS and I observe their qualities as they grown.

Part of loving someone is to get to know them inside and out. Yes, I know my children's better, and I know that each of them have different abilities and talents that can develop good opportunities in the future.

I let them explore and do something creative, in such a way, instead of buying Valentine's Card they can make their own hand made cards, a great gift idea for grandparents, teachers, classmates, etc...

We also have time to cook some tidbits from our fridge and make it into a SPECIAL VALENTINE'S DAY MEAL.

Single-parents should not feel that they are a left-out during this day, because hearts and flowers aren't just for lovers---romantically in-love with each other, but also this is the time to honor people who are dear to us, who are always there loving us no matter what. 

I am not bitter, but how we can be happy this day if we feel negatively.  

As I say from my last post, #FUTUREFriday Single Parent Shoutout --- CHOOSE TO SHINE in any way! Shine with confidence and view life with a new path. Think positively.

This year, I skip going to an event because of health reason, but we have our post VDAY celebration(which I'm going to share for my next post) this coming Feb. 22 together with my friends.

Cheer up single-parents, especially moms like me, this is not the end of the world. We have still our children's with us, they are our romantic baby love. We are the center of their love, we are their UNIVERSE!

Enjoy the TIME FOR OUR SELF first, bring back that courage and confident. 

Someday---maybe next year this would change.,next Valentine's Day we will celebrate it with our partner. The one that will bring love and long term stability for us and our children. And to think of waking up each day, that we have someone to EMBRACE, to HUG, to TRUST., that we are not alone with our journey, that someone is there to LOVE US no matter what.

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Monday, February 09, 2015

Tinder: Match and Connect Mobile App

The traditional style for online dating is by joining a website like or Dating Asia. This is where you're going to see the algorithm of the person you'd like to date or studied potential profiles which can be your partner for life. Start by knowing each other by clicking online chat box, exchanging email addresses that leads to a date.

Now that we are in an era, invade by modern technology in a form of a Smartphone. Greatly advanced the way in which we interact and receive reports. Smartphone is relatively new addition in our life that used for socializing with peers, anomalously post messages to a virtual friend via social networking sites and now invading the online dating world. 

Yes, you got it right! Using the mobile app you can have the option to match with anyone that is within your distance. To look for a partner, a boyfriend or a girlfriend just within your radius.


TINDER is a matchmaking mobile app. Download the app using ANDROID or iPHONE.

Using the app, you can quickly browse profile and photos.

Find interesting profiles, just by tapping the Heart Button if you LIKE the person and X Button if you Don't LIKE.

And if the attraction is mutual --- It's A Match!

Then you're ready to chat your matches by using the app.

TINDER was launched last August of 2012 by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen and Jonathan Badeen. And won an award as the "BEST NEW STARTUP of 2013".

Though they got criticized about their app because of the said appearance as a "matchmaking app", which is associated with a hookup app, which is labelled as shallow, superficial, vain app in the century. But this false judgement was answered by a Psychological Researcher, Eli J. Finkel , who studies online dating, saying and I quote:

I believe that TINDER'S approach is terrific for pursuing casual sexual for meeting a serious relationship partner.   

Ensuring the users that their accounts are safe and implementing SAFETY FEATURES by enhancing location security features and further obscure location data after being contacted. 

TINDER number one priority is to continue to secure PRIVACY and SECURITY of the users.

Available in 24 languages, approximately with 24 million users, currently located  from Australia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand. 

And now making a heat here in the Philippines.

As of January 2015, TINDER users swipe through 1.5 billion Tinder profiles and makes more than 21 million matches per day.

So what are you waiting for --- JOIN, LOOK, MATCH, CONNECT and MEET your possible partner this LOVE MONTH.

Open minded single-ladies and man out there, those who loved to marry someday and enjoy dating for a meantime, and to all single-parents...Hey! this is it--- maybe TINDER is the answer of my recent post about #FUTUREFriday. Hahahaha....indeed!

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Friday, February 06, 2015

#FUTUREFriday Single Parent Shoutout

So happy again with the outcome of my yesterday's post, #THINKBIGThursday. Got an email from a reader and she was relief on what I have said about "LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES that you can do it"...she can do it! And to my WordPress followers, thanks so much. 

Today is Friday and what about Friday? Well, as a single-parent you need also to think of your love life future, time to meet new people and make new friends --- #FUTUREFriday.


Be a source of GOOD VIBES. How? Always keep a smile on your face, and don't be like a clown. Let others know that you will always be their at the back to make the place good enough!

As a Single-Parent we are in the stage that after we got pregnant, the labor, the pain of separation, etc...we don't want to accept partner's, because we are still in the process of healing wounds.

I know it's hard. been there and up to now I am still in that stage(a little), but need to get out from that feelings. I realize that, because my relationship didn't work doesn't mean that I'll STOP loving too!

Stabilize your heart, regain a sense of a dominion mind. One way to do that is to eradicate heartache --- how?  is to FREED anguish and misery.

They say, you have to mend broken heart enable to survive hurting, for me I want to stay it broken. Yes, leave it broken

In that way, I have to walk around not sobbing but to practice kindness and care. And begin to shift my understanding in search for love, away from the old notion, "I WANT TO FIND SOMEONE TO LOVE ME", to "I WANT TO FIND A WAY HOW TO GIVE LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD COULD GIVE". With this, the whole world will have a better place.

Not closing my door....

Shine with confidence and view life with a new path. With mental clarity and emotional stability in your heart you will see your entire life as a path.

Remember always, that you're a fun to be with, you're a great friend, anyone would be lucky enough to have you and know you as a friend. Create a foundation with full of JOY not SORROW, Meetups and partying, giving and taking. And do not let the dark power of heartbreak lead you again!

Trust yourself! Life has it's own life and the violence of heartbreak has the power to kill you. So be ready, I know single-parents are tough to handle this kind of situation. We've been to a very rough then, we can surpass it again. Right?

If we love again, just take it easy. I am not saying here not to be serious(that's unfair to our future partner) --- Just pay attention, by cultivating agenda-less awareness of yourself, others, and the flow of life. And not to forget our children, still they are our first priority.

Stay closer for longer and develop a non-judgmental relationship. Longing for love is like asking yourself, "IF LOVE SAFE?".

The moment you fall in love and having a broken heart, both are extremely powerful situation. You need to have strong foundation of friendship if you want to make your relationship last longer.

Finding time for that right person is not easy and become more challenging as you enter to a deeper and romantic stage.

Single-parents are less likely to rush things. If you are into dating it takes months or years to go into a deeper one. Read this post on how to LOVE A SINGLE MOM >>> CLICK ME    

Just stay in touch!

There are many ways to get in touch, this allows you to get closer with everyone and widen your circle of friends both new and old.

And lastly, single parents are good in dealing this, knowing on what they want, but not being so stubborn to getting EXACTLY that. You get my point? So WAIT and RELAX, future is on the way..... 

Shout now #FUTUREFriday!!!

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