Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Motherly Dear $30 PayPal Cash Giveaway

It's time to honor our mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers for their great contribution to family and to the community.

Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday of May. Celebrated with gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates, etc... Other special treats may include a whole day pampering at spa or beauty treatments.

But you can also treat your mother by joining this giveaway sponsored by:

Hosted by 

and co-hosted by Walk with Me and Sensy Fashion

Motherly Dear $30 PayPal Cash Giveaway

One person will win $30 PayPal cash in celebration of Mother’s Day. Hopefully with this small amount, we could bring joy to one mom's face no matter where she comes from.

Giveaway Dates: May 01, 2015 at 12:00am EST thru May 11, 2015 at 12:00am EST, Open World Wide 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama 
and to me as well! Whew!

Disclaimer: Momsdrive Villa is the one responsible in giving the prize for the Motherly Dear $30 PayPal Cash giveaway. The winner will be contacted prior posting to the WINNER’S PAGE, and must respond within 24 hours or else another winner will be proclaimed.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

30th Kadayawan Festival 2015: Davao Preparation #KadayawanFestival2015 #DavaoPH #ShareDavao #VisitDavao

This year, Davao City will celebrate the 30th KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2015. Showcasing the indigenous tribes rituals in celebrating after a bountiful harvest. Which also coincide the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

(C) Choose Philippines

KADAYAWAN is also known as the FESTIVAL of ALL FESTIVALS, a month celebration that display and show the fun-loving side of Dabawenyos, a burst of colors with spectacular floats of fresh flowers and fruit harvests.

The 30th Kadayawan Festival is scheduled from August 17-23, 2015.

Last April 15, our City Mayor Rody Duterte issued and signed an Executive Order, creating an EXECOM that will plan, organize, manage and implement the activities of the festival.

City Government of Davao together with the private sector Kadayawan sa Dabaw Foundation, Inc. will hold the annual event.

The Execom will be spearheaded by the Davao Vice-Mayor Paolo Duterte and assisted by Mr. Rollie Dumalag of Kadawayan sa Dabaw Foundation as his vice-chairperson.

The Kadayawan sa Dabaw Foundation will be in-charge for the ways and means committee, this body will be the one charged in reviewing and making recommendations for the festival budgets. So as of now, they are looking for sponsors inorder to raise revenue needed for the said event.

What activities/events expected in this coming Kadayawan Festival 2015:


Also added here is the KADAYAWAN SA LUMADNONG KATILINGBAN, entered here are:

(1) Davao River Festival
(2) Panagtagpo
(3) Lumadnong Bantawan
(4) Lumadnong Dula
(5) Hiyas sa Kadayawan

For more information:

City Tourism Operation Office
Door 8, Magsaysay Park Complex, 
Magsaysay Park, 8000, Davao City
TELEFAX NUMBER:(082) 222-1956 to 58


Kadayawan sa Dabaw Foundation, Inc.
No. 6 Peñaloza Bldg., Villa Abrille St., Davao City
Tel. Nos. (82)224.6319
Facebook Page

source: SUNSTAR PH

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Will Birthday Be Like In A 39 Years Old Single Mom? #Iam39 #ItsMyBirthday

Today(April 21) is my 39th birthday. And for some this age, especially for women is an age of maturity and being so responsible.

I am in my late 30's now, but still I act like a child at times, but I know when to become mature and when not to.

I have so many life experiences, and being a mature is part of growing up and some of it having to do with my life decision through certain stages or certain things.

I've been to many ups and downs, found my partner and heart broken. I've had love one's who were here and died the next. A pretty wild ride indeed, that I can say at the end that I handle it all with pride and confidence.

Credit to the owner

I am tough? Yes, I am tough enough, in a way how I handle things in my own perspective way.

So many lessons in life in a 39 years old single mom.

(1) Working hard doesn't mean you have to be smart. You need time and space to succeed, be organized and work efficiently. For a single mom, time is always gold--- DO NOT WASTE TIME.

(2) Be positive all the time, do not let negative things get to you.

(3) I know no one is PERFECT! So be who you are and don't pretend. It doesn't mean that they are great they are already perfect. You encountered lots of it, people who are boastful in their achievements, but still they are human, they commit mistakes.

(4) Slowly but surely. In every work you make, at the office or at home be precise and gradually you will achieve the desired results. The choice is yours!

(5) That KARMA is REAL. It happened with me personally. Everytime I give more with my work, I get more than I ask for.

(6) Make a change. Do not stick to one place, one person or to one group. Be flexible and adaptable. This is true with me, I don't like to hang around too long with one group of people. I love to mingle with other people that are not my close. I spend time with people who are there to support me and believe me all the way.

(7) Keep on listening with your guts, because your guts are always right.

(8) In every relationship you enter, be happy. Because if you're happy with it, then your relationship will perfectly successful. It really starts with ourselves. Maybe I am not happy with what I see and experience that is why my relationship with my partner is not working great.

These are just some of the lessons I've learned from my 38 years of age. Now that I am 39, I hope I will learned more about maturity and get the right spot for another leap in my life daily progress.

With much sincerity and happiness I thank everyone who greeted my birthday. I wasn't expecting to do something special neither I wasn't prepare to make a day a very special day, but with all your messages via viber and mobile through call & text and Facebook messages via private message and on my Facebook timeline and on my Twitter and Google forced me to see this day as a very memorable one.

I am overwhelmed and touched with all your messages and how you remembered my natal day who took time even little effort to greet me. Your message mean a lot to me, it keep me strong and it give me enough courage to face life greatest challenges.

Thank you all.

Thank you Lord Jesus!

To GOD be the Glory. Amen.   

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Dubsmash a Hit or a Flop? #Dubsmash

If you've been in Facebook, the chances to see this kind of a video that posted by some of your friend is this.

I'm not pregnant
Aliw si gagah!!! Hahaha!Nakakaloka!#Dubsmash
Posted by Chonna Mae on Sunday, April 19, 2015

So I guess, I have to make a review just to informed that this app really grab so much attention that majority of the users enjoy and loving it, but others complain for it becomes an annoying video taking over their Facebook feed.

DUBSMASH was launched on November 19, 2014, it is a video messaging that can be share in order to get in touch with families, relatives and friends, by simple recording of a selfie video added with a famous movie scene, TV quotes and more.

And for this, majority of the users highly recommend this app with a 5 stars recommendations, make it be on iTunes or in Google Play.

When people see a kind of a trending thingy, the initial reaction is to follow the trend and keep on posting it in their feeds, make it be on Facebook, The Vine, or on Twitter, as long they can share their video no one can STOP them.

Dubsmash become a Hallmark of success and at the same time spotted negative feedback especially those who cannot download Dubsmash or people who are not into this kind of a thing and HATE this app so much!

A HIT for some users because of its SIMPLICITY and it's EASY to USE application.

A FLOP for those who are annoyed because they cannot download Dubsmash, or the sounds is not playing nice or cannot share it with other social media like Facebook, Twitter or Vine.


My say, I love watching the Dubsmash video especially the funny one. I enjoyed watching people's dub of popular movie or in TV shows, etc.

But there are times that you are annoyed watching it over and over again, keep on feeding on your Facebook. You have no clue and it bothers you, it's annoying!

Unfortunately, there's no way OUT! DUBSMASH is the NEW SELFIE for this year. I cannot stop it from popping out from my Facebook, its viral and it is DUBSMASH and I have to DEAL with it!

But if you want to get rid of a Dubsmash video in your feed, just click the upper left corner of that post.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PALARONG PAMBANSA 2015 Video and Theme Song #PalaroNgPagkakaisa #DavNor ‪#‎2015PalarongPambansa‬

The most awaited sporting events to be held in Tagum City, Davao del Norte this coming May 3-9,2015.

This will be the 58th Edition for Palarong Pambansa, the annual gathering of the multi-sporting event for Filipino students and athletes.


Sports: Breaking Borders, Building Peace

So happy to share with you the Palarong Pambansa 2015 official video and theme song.

Lyrics Composed and performed by Maan Chua, the TUNOG MINDANAW 2013 winner. And music arrange by Paolo Sisi, a Davao Musician.

The song is entitled, "PALARO NG PAGKAKAISA" (a Game of Unity).

For more information, please do visit their website DAVNOR PALARO 2015 or visit their Facebook Page PALARONG PAMBANSA 2015 DAVNOR.

Also visit their YOUTUBE Channel for the countdown and more videos to watch!

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Lazada Philippines: The Worst Philippine Online Buying Site #LazadaPissedConsumer

Lazada Philippines is an online shop that offers a wide variety of products. It provides a worry-free shipping online shopping experience to its customers.

Oh, that's the impression they want to imply to their customers, to give an hassle-free - EFFORTLESS Online SHOPPING experience.

Most of the people are buying online to avoid the hassle of going out to the malls---to avoid the inconvenient long counter line and to look for the best item without wasting time. If I need something and I've seen it online, my basic instinct is to buy that product online. Yes, I am a busy person, so I turned to Lazada to shop.

Actually, this is not my first online shop with them, I have been a constant customer of Lazada. The first transaction I have with them, is when I won a Discount Voucher worth PHp300 and need to use it, I bought 2 Android Tablets, and the second transaction is when I bought a REBECCA TOTE BAG.

All my transactions turn positive. As humans, we prefer positive feedback instead of giving critiques, right? However, as we always say, we are all humans, and we commit mistakes.

This time I need to rant all my disappointments with Lazada Philippines.

I purchased KYOWA Burger and Pancake Maker last March 31, 2015 and payment thru PAYPAL.

Screenshot from my Lazada Account - My Order

I waited for almost 2 weeks.

Yesterday( April 13), I use the TRACK and TRACE LBC Tracking Page. And in my dismay, I found out that my order status was "RETURN TO ORIGIN", because of the reason I cannot understand.

REFUSED TO ACCEPT ORDER???? How can I refuse my order? It is my order, why will I refuse it?

Screenshot from my LBC TRACKING PAGE

I immediately call the Provincial HOTLINE of LBC: 
1-800-10-8585999 and talk with their Customer Service Representative.

The CSR confirmed that my item was already in their warehouse, and she affirmed to me that they will RE-Deliver the item back to Davao as soon as possible within 24 or 48 hours. So, I was relieved with what I've heard.

After a few hours, a friend message me, telling me to try contact the main LBC WAREHOUSE Branch-Sasa. I did not hesitate to call and talk with the assigned courier of my item.

I ask him, how come my item is not delivered in my address?

COURIER ANSWERED: (1) My mobile number indicated in the paper is wrong and out of reached. (2) No one knows me personally in my area.

Our conversation is very short, but I am still shock with his reason. WHY? (1) I give LAZADA both my mobile number and Landline number to make sure that my item will be delivered. (2) How come no one knows me here in my barangay? I lived here for almost 38 years(since birth), and no one knows me????

Then the reason indicated in their tracking page is that I refused to accept my order???? Hahahaha...WHAT A BIG LIE!!!

Then received an email from LAZADA that I have to re-order the said item. Because I don't want to be stressed, so I emailed back LAZADA that I will not continue my transaction with them, just REFUND my payment.

I read a lot of negative reviews about Lazada, click here >>> Pissed Consumer

As of today, as I check my Lazada Account:

Screenshot from my Lazada Account - ORDER TRACKING

I am seriously disappointed with LAZADA, especially that I have been buying from them for years. And if this is the kind of service they want to give to online shoppers, then I will not waste my time with them.


(1) They did not give my other number to the courier. I have my account with Lazada, all the details are there, including my landline number.

(2) Instead of delivering back my package, they want me to re-order the item. Which is upon checking their site the item is unavailable. And according to them, I have to wait and visit their site and check if the item is already available. A bit confusing scenario, how come unavailable? What about the item returned to their warehouse, which is my item. And asking me for re-order and to wait????  

They used to be the number one ONLINE SHOPPING SITE that I love so much, but now they're the worst.

Honestly, your new logo does not correspond to your service. EFFORTLESS???? Whew! Give me a break, it added more STRESS to your buyer.

A piece of advice here, NEVER TRUST LAZADA. I suggest, it is better to shop in a mall and pick your product instead and SAVE yourself from STRESS!

UPDATE: Paypal emailed me now, and I got my refund from Lazada.

Screenshot from my PAYPAL via email

Well, thanks anyway. I have said my part already. Hope you will fixed everything, especially the system you have now. We don't like it! It was a messed up situation!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Color Manila Davao 2015 Invites Dabawenyos #ColorManilaDavao2015

I started joining fun runs back in 2012, when Ateneo de Davao University calls all Atenean students/alumni to join the said run advocacy, RUN FOR SENDONG FAMILIES AND REBUILD LIVES. But that didn't stop me to join again, I also join iRUN: RUN FOR INTEGRITY(another run organized by AdDU), followed by the PHILIPPINE RED CROSS, iVOLUNTEER: RUN FOR HUMANITY 2012 and last but not least the PHILHEALTH RUN 2013: Nationwide Run for Mother and Child Protection.

This time for this year 2015, I am planning to join COLOR MANILA DAVAO.

For Dabawenyos who are asking what is COLOR MANILA, they are responsible in organizing a run that engage in giving a colorful festival that encourages everyone to run.

Color Manila will be the paintbrushes while the runners are the PAINT.

I read so much about their RUN from Franc Ramon site, every time I visited his post, I am hoping and wishing that Color Manila will also have a run here in Davao. 

So this is it! The wait is over.

May 24, 2015
Crocodile Park Davao


PHp450 - Dri-fit, Race Bib, and Color Packet

PHp550 - CM Foldable Sunglasses, Dri-fit Shirt, Race Bib, and Color Packet

PHp650 - Medal, CM Foldable Sunglasses, Dri-fit Shirt, Race Bib, and Color Packet








Please visit ADIDAS Gaisano Mall, TOBYS, or RUNNR. And claim your kit on-the-spot upon payment!

Make your summer more exciting and fun.
And experience a KALEIDOSCOPE FUN RUN this time!

For more details, visit COLOR MANILA

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Go Make Things Happen by Pepsi Philippines #ArawMoTo #PepsiChallenge

Pepsi Philippines is happy to announce their newest campaign #ArawMoTo lead by @iamdanielpadilla, @barettojulia and @Bamboomusiclive.

The campaign was launched today, April 11, 2015.

Everyday is an opportunity. Go make things happen.

I love PEPSI Philippines campaign because it gives GOOD VIBES to all, that no matter what we've been through, what we've done or mistakes we've made there's always hope.

ARAW MO 'TO (THIS IS YOUR DAY!) campaign is a mere calling that, if you want to do good in your life, start now and make a difference, and help people.

ACT Don't React!

GO for what you LOVE!

Just Go don't WAIT!

What are you waiting for, TWEET now your BUCKET LIST (things that you want to do) using the #ArawMoTo and for every mention of #PepsiChallenge, PEPSI will donate $1 for @literoflight, so keep on tweeting now and support Pepsi Philippines campaign.

Follow Pepsi Philippines via TWITTER, FACEBOOK

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#AdDUHighKaKung Trending Topic in Philippines

I was about to make my blog post for my personal blog when I got stuck with this trending topic on tweeter #AdDUHighKaKung.

Screenshot from my Twitter Account

Rank as Top 3 in @TrendiePH.

An information about taking a trip down memory lane with old memoir, with all the releasing and posting old photos from yearbooks and personal experiences that portray each other when they are still in High School at the Ateneo de Davao University.

Like some of these post here, screenshot grab from my TWITTER.

old photos of the school...

the newly paint building.....

the unforgettable activities in high school....

And the NEVER FORGET Senior Bash they have in 2013.

These are just some of the few post you can read using #AdDUHighKaKung on Twitter. So if you're one of the BLUE KNIGHTS feel free to share your experiences during your high school days in Ateneo de Davao University. 

*Don't forget to use hashtag(#)AdDUHighKaKung.


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Friday, April 03, 2015

Visita Iglesia in Davao City #VisitaIglesia #DavaoCity

An unplanned activity yesterday(April 2), when my father decides to have Visita Iglesia in different churches.

When was the last time we do it together with my parents? I can't remember already, it's been too long. When I renew my faith and become born again, I was busy with my church activities, I haven't had the chance to join my parents again. Still I respect their beliefs and practices from old church doctrines.

I did not block them just because of their RELIGION, I look at people from other faiths as people and not as categories or religions.

HOLY WEEK IN THE PHILIPPINES is very unique and at the same time well organized by the whole Christian-Catholic community.

Traditionally, Catholics are well reserve this day and have all the sacrifices to be followed by going to church, while modern Catholics are just relaxing, taking advantage of the long vacation they have by going to the beach or staycation by having a movie marathon at home.

I decided to follow my father and observe how practicing Catholic do during Lenten Season.

VISITA IGLESIA is an old religious tradition that most of the CATHOLICS followed during Holy Week. This is where they visit FIVE or SEVEN churches usually on Maundy Thursday. This is where we recite the 14 STATIONS OF THE CROSS. For some others, they visit 14 churches for 14 stations each, but for some others they prefer 5 or 7 churches to visit or for those who have no means in transferring churches they prefer to stay in one church.

My parents prefer to visit 5 churches only, churches that are significant to them:

*vicariate- an apostolic territorial jurisdiction 

San Pedro Cathedral located at San Pedro St., Davao City 

San Pedro Cathedral is the oldest Church in Davao City and a premier historical landmark too. This is the center of the Archidioecesis Davaensis (Archdiocese of Davao), the set of the Archbishop.

The interior design is modernly designed with stained glass images of biblical scene, as well the altar reflect the old design of San Pedro Parish way back 1901.

My last visit here happened last month, during my youngest daughter BACCALAUREATE MASS for their graduation.

ST. JUDE THADDEUS PARISH located at Malvar St., at the back of Davao Doctors Hospital

This church is famous for devotee students and professionals who are praying for a positive result from an exam or having an upcoming exam, asking for guidance and enlightenment, most of them are board exam takers.


Jude or Thaddeus, was a brother of James the Less and relative of Jesus. He is one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus. Called as the patron saints of desperate, hopeless and lost causes.

Church was founded in 1965 under the vicariate of San Pedro. One of a fully airconditioned churches here in Davao. 

My last visit here is when my friend parents have their wedding vow renewal that was 3 years ago.

OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION PARISH located at F. Torres St., Davao City

According to Catholic Church, the Assumption means is the bodily taking up of Virgin Mary into heaven this happened at the end of her earthly life. Virgin Mary was taken up into heaven while still alive, bodily and soul. 

The church is founded in 1959 still under the vicariate of San Pedro. though there are changes in their interior, still the place looks solemn to me.

My last visit here is when my mother stayed at the CURSILLO HOUSE just beside Assumption Parish way back 80s.

REDEMPTORIST CHURCH located at JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, fronting Abreeza Ayala Mall

Redemptorist Church is formerly known as the Mother of Perpetual Help Parish founded in 1972. The church is HOME to good people who are lending help and caring homeless people. Under the Vicariate of San Pedro.

I like the ambiance of this church, fresh and very cool. And very accessible to jeepneys, Taxi's, mall, hotels, etc...

OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH located at Fatima St., Piapi, Boulevard, Davao City


Our Lady of Fatima was founded in 1952, under the vicariate of St. Anne or Sta. Ana Parish.

One of the most memorable place of my life. How can I forget this place, my parents serve in this church for a long time as a Marriage Facilitator Counselor. This is where I was baptized and have my confirmation. And I served as a Catechist and a choir at the same time. But when we transfer house in 1996, both my parents and I stop serving the church for good, but still when I got married, I chose Fatima Parish for my wedding ceremony and my eldest daughter was baptized here too.

We haven't visited the place for so many years and for the first time, we were amazed to see it again.

So overwhelmed with the new things I see inside, from the interior design of the altar, the ceiling, the door in the middle door fronting the altar, and etc..everything was new to me.

So these are the five churches we've visited. You can visit this place if you need spiritual guidance or just want to experience and see the marvel architectural design these churches have. Here in Davao City, Philippines the most dominant group is Roman Catholic at 83.83%, Christian groups comprise to 15% only and others belong to remaining 1.17% for non-Christian like Islam, Buddhism, etc. 

All are significant churches to us and worth visiting. Whether you are a non-Catholic believer, you can still take time to reflect while visiting these churches. As I said, I respect my parents belief and I don't have problems about that as long as there is unity and peace in our home. For us we avoid to talk about religion.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

All religion are equal. If you cannot respect religion then know that its followers are human it hurts when someone criticize your beliefs and religions set an example.

For now, my two girls are still young to know all of these things but as they grow up I know they will understand. To have a story like these who gone through a lot, it is a painful process -- emotionally and physically. But I can say that, for me at least, the rewards of my journey have been more than worth it.

The important is you have RESPECT and HAVE PEACE within yourself and to all mankind. And that is the new command that Jesus has taught us: "TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, SO YOU MUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER." John 13:34

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