PLDT WiFi ZONE: Free Unlimited WiFi

Saturday, July 21, 2012
I have just received my PLDT WiFi Zone CERTIFICATION for FREE UNLIMITED WiFi.

As I log-on to REGISTRATION I can't enter to my account.  It states there that I don't have to register again because my USERNAME and EMAIL ADDRESS is already registered. Oh, well as far as I know I requested to deactivate it last year.  Hehehe. I called 171 to activate it again.

According to them I can use my FREE UNLIMITED WiFi to all establishment that have a WiFi Zone PLDT & SMART Logo like this,

PLDT myDSL gets even better with FREE UNLIMITED WiFi Zone 

You can enjoy PREMIUM and FAST WiFi in over 3,500 establishments nationwide until AGUGUST 31, 2012.

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